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    Ill Customers Service
    Yesterday evening at 2:10 am my friend and I experienced terrible customer service to the point I had to contact the manager, Byron to discuss a teachable moment. The facility was closing at 3 am and I had inquired if there was a cover charge for the last 45-50 minutes. The reply I received was a point to a sign above my head and "don't you see the sign is still up?" in a condescending tone. I explained to the young lady, I've been to many clubs in the states and overseas that are not concern about charging cover within a certain time frame, because the promoter and/or owner's priority is to make as much off the bar before last call. The unpleasant interaction did not stop there, the young lady asked what would we like to do- still in a condescending tone. My reply was no and proceed to walk away before recieving more unpleasant body gestures and remarks which included "Buh-Bye. The exit is that way." The conversation with Byron wasn't any different and was defensive as soon as he approached my friend and I. During the interaction, my friend and I spoke in a calm manner which wouldn't cause any concern of dealing with intoxicated or hostile patrons. I explained to Byron the purpose of the conversation was to point out a staff development opportunity in the near future. Byron then replied that he had spoken to the staff member prior to speaking to us and he was certain and implied the order of events were fabricated on our part. Byron's comments and body language during the conversation became hostile and erratic to the point he walked away while telling us, "I'm going to get the staff member to talk to you." because again he felt our story of events were inaccurate. Once Byron returned he was very apologetic verbally and his body language was less hostile. Byron offered us to come in with no fee yet we were no longer interested after the initial interaction with the staff member in addition to the manager. Overall, I will not return (my friend and I are tourist) nor recommend this venue to individuals in the LGBTQ scene in addition to our personal networks within the states or overseas.