43. I've been frequenting gay bars for many years, but most people have no idea just how old I really am. I look great for my age (most guess between 28 & 32) & I still love to go out and have a great time. This helps me to feel just as young as I look and I meet lots of interesting people because of it. I'm always a very truthful person....so trust me when I give you my opinion. You'll be glad you did!!! ;-) bjh

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  • Oilcan Harry's Warehouse District, Austin
  • Rain Warehouse District, Austin
  • JR's Bar & Grill Montrose, Houston


  • TexasTraveler
    TexasTraveler reviewed Guava Lamp Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Guava Lamp is where it's @!!!
    For someone who hadn't step foot in this bar since it was in it's original location years ago, this was a much anticipated foray. And I must say the new location is even better than ever. This is defintely the place to be for "HHH" - Houston's Happy Hour. The wait staff of guys & gals gave excellent service and the crowd was simply awesome as well. This place is designed & decorated in the hippest of style, from the cool glass counter tiles to the oh so interesting diamond pattern, padded door...."for staff only"! The only thing that would be better is if this door lead to a private hangout for special people!!! ;-) Don't miss out on the "Hot" crowd here, you'll defintely regret it!!!!

  • TexasTraveler
    TexasTraveler reviewed Eagle Houston Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't waste your time @ the 611!
    This place is staffed by bartenders that apparently don't know much about the bar business. We waited about 15 mins for drinks and never got a nod to let us know whether we were being noticed or not. A simple wink or a smile would've let us know that we weren't invisible, but we didn't even get any eye contact from the help. The crowd was lame & we didn't even stay for a 2nd drink. Hey 611, you need to train your staff on the 411!!! ;-)

  • TexasTraveler
    TexasTraveler reviewed JR's Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Relaxed & Laid Back, but...
    JR's is one of the mainstays of the Houston bar scene and no matter how many years it's been since you've been there it never seems to change. You always feel that same relaxed laid back feeling as you would any local bar or your own. The people are funky & freindly....some a little to much. But, when it's all said & done you'll have a good time, albeit young or young @ heart! Check it out for "Happy Hour".

  • TexasTraveler
    TexasTraveler reviewed Rain Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Rain is the new OCH's but....
    I hate waiting in line to get in to this place when it is really packed. I won't do it. Hopefully, w/ the newly open front bar which has a pool table & seating this will aleviate some of the problem. Scotty, Jonathon, Andy the rest of the guys...even the new Carlo do a great job & this is why I continue to go back time & time again. Now if only the dance floor could be bigger!!!

  • TexasTraveler
    TexasTraveler reviewed Oilcan Harry's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I like to call it the Jiffy Lube.......
    Yes, as recently reported this place has been in decline. I have been frequenting this place for many years & most all of my favorite bartenders have left & gone next door to RAIN. This means I no longer get the special treatment that I use to receive & had to tell a new "yung pup" behind the bar recently. However, it is still a great place & hopefully it will get better really soon. Sunday afternoons for happy hour are still the best here...there are no better burgers in town like Margie's & you can't beat the price either!!!!