67. Life IS good, strive everyday to enjoy it to it's fullest. I have lived at a time when I could protest for Civil Rights, I have lived at a time when I could protest the War in Viet Nam And now, I am alive to protest for the Equality of all men and women regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Be assured, that our cause, being just, will win in the end. Maybe not today nor even tomorrow but we will prevail, as the causes of the just always do.

Baltimore, Maryland
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  • The Drinkery Mount Vernon, Baltimore
  • Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach
  • Purple Parrot Grill Beach Haus & Biergarten Rehoboth Beach


  • Stray
    Stray reviewed Mount Vernon Stable & Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good food, Good prices & Good times
    This is the best lunch spot I've been to in Baltimore. The dinner menu is great as well, but this is the place to go for lunch and to linger over one of their specialty Martini's. There is something for everyone on the menu but let me suggest the Bar-B-Que ribs for which they are known, get messy smear yourself with sauce and who knows?

  • Stray
    Stray reviewed Blue Moon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The Best Relaxing Sunday Brunch, ever.
    I had the the most enjoyable Sunday Brunch in a very long time here. The food was prepared to perfection, the wait staff was attentive but not hovering and as friendly as anyone could expect. The price was reasonable and the portions large. There is no pretension here either in the waiters or the bartenders. I will definetly return again and again

  • Stray
    Stray reviewed The Drinkery Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The only exciting thing here is the juke box. The decor changes but the faces don't. The bartenders are friendly, they have to be or else there is no reason for you to stay.

  • The food is as bad as the attitude
    I think the title says it all. The bartenders and waiters think far too much of themselves.