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    1st time at a bathhouse as a straight guy
    This was my first trip to a bath house (Edmonton Steam Works) as a straight man. I wanted to see what the experience was like. When I got there I requested a locker for $10 ($15 after 9pm). The guy behind me told the attendant “upgrade him to a room”. He then clarified that he worked there. I think he could tell I was new. I was given a towel, a condom, and a wrist key ring with a key to room # 305. I went to my room and changed into my towel (and nothing else). I then went exploring the place. The first room I entered had a dental chair and 6 flat screen TV’s showing gay porn. I sat down in the chair, which felt erotic, given my medical fetish. A young (late 20’s?) bisexual Asian personal trainer entered the room, caressed my body, and struck up a conversation. He had been to this bath house a couple of times before and offered to show me around. He was good looking with an excellent body, so I took him up on the offer. We went downstairs to the sauna where he began to touch my erect penis. It didn’t take long for him to start licking my cock with his tongue. After a few minutes, we took a shower together, cleaning each other’s penis, buttocks, and anus. Continuing our tour, we went into the caverns of the steam room. There were lots of nooks and crannies to carry out same-sex fantasies. He sat me down on one of the benches and stood in front of me. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the base of his penis with one hand and his scrotum with the other. I pressed my lips against the head of his cock and let it slip into my mouth. After a few minutes of licking, sucking, and bobbing my head up and down on his cock, I wanted to try deep-throating. I took a couple of deep breaths, tried to relax, grabbed his buttocks, and took his cock down my throat. I gagged after about a second and went back to normal cock sucking. When he realized what I was capable of, he wanted more. He put his hands around the back of my head and gently inserted his cock into my throat. I experienced another gagging reflex, but my held was immobilized. On one hand, I wanted to back away due to the gag reflex…. But I also was aroused by feeling sexually overpowered and at the mercy of my top. After the session of oral sex, we continued our tour of the club. Winding through the maze of dark, black light lit hallways, we passed a steel post bolted to the floor with a padded leather top. I could imagine bending over the top of the post with my stomach resting against the leather, anticipating being anally penetrated. We then came across a room that I could see through prison bars. Inside the room was a leather sling, suspended from the ceiling by 4 steel chains. We went around the corner to enter the room. He took my towel off and spread it out on the leather sling. “Have a seat and lay down” he said. As I lied down on the sling, my fully naked body suspended in the air, I noticed there was a flat screen TV in the ceiling playing gay porn. In the film, one guy was lying on his back, holding his legs behind his head. The other guy was penetrating him anally. I then felt my new partner grab my legs and slide my buttocks to the edge of the sling. I had never been in a sex sling before. He instructed me to place my feet against the chains at the end of the sling and grasp the chains behind my head. I thought to myself that this is partially what it must feel like to get a pelvic examination in a gynecologist’s office with the girl’s feet in the stirrups. I lifted my head slightly off of the sling to see my partner tearing open a lubricated condom and rolling it down his fully erect penis. Much like the anticipation at the doctor’s office when the nurse pulls the cap off the needle before sticking it in you, I knew I was about to have a cock in my ass. My top caressed my inner thighs for a brief moment before moving closer to the edge of the sling with my bare ass. He lifted my cock with one hand and grasped his cock with his other. I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my anus. The pressure against my anus continued to build. I took a couple of deep breaths and felt my ass expand as his mushroom tip proceeded into my rectum and the full girth of his cock was holding my anus open wide. After a few gentle in and out movements, he increased the tempo in and out of my ass. Having a direct view of the porn above my head and thrusting occurring between my spread legs, I noticed that our session had attracted an audience. I would estimate there was about 4-5 guys watching as I was getting fucked in the ass. It was extremely liberating knowing how exposed I was, at the mercy of my top and being observed by complete strangers. It didn’t take very long for my penis to explode with cum, which shot towards my face onto my stomach. After recuperating for a while, my top wanted to go to my room for another session. He instructed me to lie down on the side of the bed, scoot my butt towards the edge of the bed, and hold my legs behind my head. He proceeded to perform analingus on me. After a few minutes of tossing my salad, he donned another condom and proceeded to fuck me in the ass once again. When he was close to cumming, he withdrew, removed his condom and jerked me and him off at the same time, shooting his load on my stomach. After a night of new and erotic experiences, I took one last shower in the bath house, changed back into my street clothes, and went back to my hotel. No one would ever know about my stray from heterosexuality, but I will never forget the experience.