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  • Sunset Bar and Grill Maho, St Maarten
  • Obelisk Beach Sydney
  • Lady Jane Beach Bondi Beach, Sydney
  • The Sausage Factory The Castro, San Francisco
  • The Westin St. Louis Downtown, St. Louis


  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed The Westin St. Louis Over a year ago
    Loves it

    no complaints
    Close to train, stadium, and bars. Staff was good and accomodations were comfortable

  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed SCORE Over a year ago
    Hates it

    they dont accept ID from PR
    Idiots dont accept ID from PR. Said we require passports. Manager was called and also said passport wad required. Idiots!

  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed Sunset Bar and Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    horrible service
    1 star for location. But horrible service. Had to wait 20 mins for waiter. Another 15 for drinks to arrive. Food order was placed wrong. Beer was hot. Just horrible service.

  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed The Sausage Factory Over a year ago
    Hates it

    it was OK
    dont order the chicken at all, its a pizzaria but no pizza spatulas, wine served on a water cup.

  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed Obelisk Beach Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay beach. Then nude!
    Went to obelisk after going to lady jane and have to say that this is your traditional gay beach with the added bonus of clothing optional. Meaning, we saw more guys in hot speedos then we saw nude and the ones we saw nude are not the ones you want to see anyways (couple exceptions). Having that said, if you are looking for your first nude experience id say go to lady jane, its expected and you wont get the weird feeling someone is lookig at you because they are looking at everyone. At obelisk you can count on everyone having a look, so be proud when you do it and just do it! Transportation is harder for this beach. Have fun boys!

  • Stevenr2506
    Stevenr2506 reviewed Lady Jane Beach Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Expect to take it off and have your pic taken!
    Lady jane is very convinient by public transport, city buses and ferry, and a very beautiful beach. However, it is a nude beach and you will be given the stink eye if you dont bare it all so be prepared to do so and be prepared to have your picture taken by all the tourist above you and even on the beach! Yes they come down to the beach and just snap snap snap without your permission. Also, its a cruise beach, which i find disgusting, but at leat everything is done out of sight and in the rocks! So if youjust want to get sun all over and erase the tan lines then stay on te beach and let it hang (if you can, the water is freezing cold and you get a cool breeze so be ware growers! This is a showers beach!) outside of that its a nice gay beach and very scenic on the way.