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  • Faultline Bar Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • Dick's Cabaret Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • ShawnG
    ShawnG reviewed Faultline Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Shitty service
    Stood in line for a drink behind a guy who seem to know everyone at the bar and let them cut in front of him, when it was finally my turn the bartender clearly saw me but choose to take the white guy's order who cut around the side. I don't care if the bartender knew the guy he saw how long I was waiting. At least I saved alot of money by not buying drinks and not tipping the bartenders or dancers. I just walked I ain't going back.

  • ShawnG
    ShawnG reviewed Dick's Cabaret Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nasty Fun, Hot Dancers, but What's up with . .
    I went to the place on Sat and Mon nites, have to echo some of the comments of the other reviewers, mainly that it is a little difficult to find (please note there are two Radissons by the airport you gotta make sure you have the right one), on Saturday nite there was a pack of women and have to admit it did make it less fun, women just react differently at strip clubs alot of yelling and screaming and laughing not nearly as much fun when it's all or mostly men. The owners should take a tip from the other male strip clubs across the country encourage a more male clientle and have women only with a male escort, this would really increase their business, as I noticed quite a few guys leaving when they saw the first two rows near the stage were only women. For the good news, although the club is small it is fun, Monday is the night to go, less women (not very crowded though) and 2-4-1 including the VIP room on Sat it costs $20 cover, $20 for the VIP room admission and $20 per song for a lap dance, on Mon. everything was cut in half). The dancers are all very hot and are a nice diversity of body types, but most importantly the dancers are all very, very nice and also nice to talk to, and the lap dances are very, very hot, for sure worth the money. All the dancers are great, Ryan and for sure Matthew are my favorites, Ryan is very friendly and gives a great lap dance, especially when his little Ryan goes up, Matthew is also really nice, gives a hell of lap dance because he lives up to his promise he is very nasty. Even his underwear lap dances are hot (remember even on some nites the club is open to 3am the nude dances stop at 1) Even though there is no liquor it is fun, and yes the stage shows are fully nude.