Nathan Frye, 59. Gay male couple who has been together 17 years. We tour with Broadway musicals so you never know when we are in your city. We enjoy travel as much as being home in Vegas.

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  • Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta
  • Red Cabbage Cafe Colonia Remance, Puerto Vallarta



  • SakeDad
    SakeDad reviewed Atlantic Beach Hotel and Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    good afternoon cocktails
    We stayed at another hotel called At Wind Chimes Inn that was nice but not on the beach and the bar was expensive. Knowing this was the gay hotel we came down for cocktails several times. The bartenders (mostly the cutey Armando) were friendly and quick with a smile. As the pours are measured they couldn't make extra strong drinks but they were still good. We didn't see the rooms but there are some signs of aging and areas needing attention on the outside. The bar was directly over the beach and had some nice eye-candy. The drinks weren't the cheapest in the area but they weren't over the top either. It was never that busy (15 people was the busiest we saw on the weekend) and on Monday we were there at 5pm and it wasn't open. I would say go and enjoy a drink and if you like it you'll go back, if you don't you won't.

  • SakeDad
    SakeDad reviewed Oasis Tapas & Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Now called Siempre Lounge
    It's no longer called The Downstairs's now called Siempre Lounge. It was nicely decorated, had a secure buzzed door entry and a nice area to sit outside. Happy hour is everyday 3:00p-7:00pm and the drinks were much cheaper and stronger than the Atlantic Hotel. It's a 1/2 block from the beach but not ON the beach which is the only downside to it. It was very slow as far as patrons but I think as more people find out it's open it will get busier. There were mostly American's there with a few locals. Friendly crowd.

  • SakeDad
    SakeDad reviewed Red Cabbage Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Our favorite in Puerto Vallarta
    We discovered this place in 2003 and ate there 3 times in a week. We went back this week and it is just as good. The Chiles en Nogada is my favorite. But the Mole Poblano will give you chills it's so good. I would recommend taking a taxi there your first time and walk back. It's hard to find if you don't know PVR but so worth it. The margaritas are also very good. It's small and a great date place or fun to go with friends. There are a couple of small rooms you can get as well for larger groups. I really can't recommend this place highly enough!

  • SakeDad
    SakeDad reviewed Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Glad we ignored the negative reviews
    We were in Puerto Vallarta for a week back in 2003 and loved it. But we stayed at a private house in the Conchas Chinas hills. While we loved staying there this time we were just going for a 3 night quickie vacation and decided to book Blue Chairs as we had been there several times during our last visit to enjoy their rooftop bar at sunsets and their beach during the day. We got a great rate on an oceanview room. I started getting a bit worried after reading all the negative reviews here about no hot water, construction, credit card scams, etc But we decided it was only 3 nights so how bad could it be? After all, we are very experienced travelers both professionally and personally so we knew we were going to have fun, not looking for a 5 star spa experience. We got to the hotel and I offered my credit card. He didnt have any paper to copy it to and said we could do it upon checkout. I was happy with that. (we had checked before leaving home and knew the card had not been charged for the room yet). We were given our wristbands and the very friendly security guard carried our bags up to room 104 and showed us everything in the roomTV, coffee pot, A/C etcit was a nice touch of service. Turns out he also barbacks and helps all the beach waiters throughout the day. A very busy man. The room has been recently renovated (I am attaching several pictures for you to see) and was quite comfortable. We were 1 level above the street but as it was a dead end there was no noise to speak of. We had a large patio with 2 chairs and a small table and a nice view of the bay. We never saw any other rooms but I did see in the door next door and it was a much smaller room. There are some rooms on the very front of the hotel but they may be the suites/kitchenettes as they had large balconies with bigger windows. All of the balconies above ours were MUCH smaller so if you want a large balcony be careful which room you get. There was a deluge shower head and nice shower big enough for 2 but the water pressure was VERY low. Not so bad that couldnt shower but it was not going to massage you. Also, while they put a nice marble seat in the shower its under the faucet so your back hits it. Would have been better in the other side of the shower, but no biggie. #104 has 2 double beds, we prefer kings, and the one we used was comfortable. It had a 3 foam pad that made it a bit soft. Also, these beds are on marble slabs so NO WAY to move them together. As it was only 3 nights and we knew several rooms were being renovated still we didnt ask for another room. There was a very nice sized closet with several hangers (no iron). There was a small 4 cup coffee pot (but no coffee so if you want to use it, bring your own), a nice wall mounted flat screen 32 TV with LOTS of cable channels including CNN/HLN and TCM, so yes, there ARE English channels. There was also a bottle of red wine, but its $25USD if you drink it. There is no refrigerator but we didnt miss it. All in all the room was extremely comfortable, the a/c worked like a dream (ceiling fan, too), the sliding glass door was new so the lock was very secure. None of the things we were worried about from all the previous reviews ever became an issue for us. We headed up to the rooftop bar and they had 3 very hot go-go boys dancing on the stage that is over what USED TO BE the pool. Here is where I can deliver some VERY GOOD NEWS to those that are going soon. Part of the renovations is an entirely new floor above the rooftop bar that has a new pool, bar, seating areas, loungers and still one of the best views of Puerto Vallarta around! We didnt use the pool as there were no chairs yet, although we could have as it was open and felt quite nice to the touch. The drinks are still cheap and strong and the servers are still nice and quick with a smile. We also attended gay bingo (a hoot) and the Dirty Bitches show (the crowd LOVED them!). The go-go- boys are some of the nicest boys in the world and we had a great time getting to know them over the few days we were there. Also, there is a new strip club in town called Casanova's that several of the boys do entirely different (and sexier!) shows starting at 11pm. We ate at the caf on the beach for breakfast and enjoyed everything we ate. One day we also got the cerviche tostadas served to us while on the beach and they were great as well. We laid on the beach everyday and the waiters were attentive and fast. One tip: If you have a good pair of binoculars TAKE THEM!! Not only for the obvious reasons that you would think of but also for the beach waiters who took great pleasure in using them for their own purposes. It was a great ice breaker. They have a concierge, Jeff, who can book any tours or give any info you want. There are several masseurs walking the beach offering service but I would recommend Victor who is a part of Blue Chairs. 450 pesos for 80 minutesand hes a doll. We ate at La Palapa, Marantina (used to be Kit Kat) and Red Cabbage Caf (our favorite!) One nice surprise when we got home, they charged the room but due to the exchange rate it turned out LOWER than what we had been quoted. One final note, if you want to bring local visitors back you may, but at a 200 peso charge. We would stay there again. However, we would probably stay for 3 days again. A week's stay may be a bit much on anyone that isn't a hard core party boy.