Thee Gunny, 48. Gay bottom guy into strippers, big bulges on display, tight-n-shiny and slutty gear. I travel alot for business and use it as a chance to explore the sleazier side of life.

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10 Loved Places


  • Boardwalk Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale
  • Silverado Pearl District, Portland
  • Savoy Orlando North Orlando, Orlando
  • RuffHund
    RuffHund reviewed Boardwalk Over a year ago
    Hates it

    So bad I didn't bother finishing my beer
    So for the first time in recent memory, I found out what it was like to have a bar that didn't really want you around unless you were a "regular." It's remarkable--I've been to places that were just crappy to all customers, but to have my nose rubbed in the fact that I obviously wasn't a local honestly caught me by surprise. So, to be fair, I didn't exactly fit in there. I was less than half the average age of the other customers (I'm guessing most were pushing 80) and it's unlikely that most of the guys there had ever even seen the inside of a gym. That being said, I've got my Amex Platinum and a wad of 20's and I'm looking to tip some strippers--so I should have been right at home there in the only way that matters. Apparently not. Grabbed some food at the "Beefcakes" food-bar they've got attached. The bartender greeted every guy over 60 there by name and made conversation with them--I could barely get him to grab me a beer. Walked into the strip club--couldn't even get a stripper to make eye-contact with me, but they were crawling all over the elderly gentlemen there like it was the only way to save themselves from the zombie apocalypse. Look, I know younger guys (I'm in my 30's for crissakes, but believe me, I was WAY younger!) tend not to tip as well. But, c'mon, give me a frickin' chance, at least. You might be surprised that I'm worth the time. And trust me, there wasn't that much money in the crowd--wasn't like the parking lot had a Bently, Rolls, Bugatti, or Ferrari sitting there. Did I mention the drunk, 90-year-old drag queen on stage lip-synching songs that were old during WWII? So this is a first. Plain unfriendly, nearly hostile bar. I'm sure if you're a local, it's great, however, sure would be tough for me to go through whatever initiation it takes to feel welcome there. To date, Boardwalk has the dubious honor of the worst experience at a gay bar EVER.

  • RuffHund
    RuffHund reviewed Savoy Orlando Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Mix of casual, upscale, and sleazy without hitting any of them
    As you'll see from my other reviews, I like strippers and bars that know how to do "sleazy," but there's a place for other gay bars, too. I don't mind upscale ("G" in NYC springs to mind) or casual / fun ("Bourbon Street" or "Flicks" in San Diego) when the mood is right. The problem is that Savoy isn't a bad bar, but doesn't fit into any category well. Rather than appeal to multiple categories, it misses being good on any count. The strippers are too tame, self-involved (STOP looking at yourself in a mirror and make eye contact with customers!!!) to be sleazy. It's too casual to be upscale, but just slightly too formal to be really casual and doesn't carry the fun-factor or friendliness that's required to be "neighborhood." I was there on a Sunday and on a Thursday. Crowd was reasonable both times for the day of the week and I didn't have a bad time, but was not memorable at all. And, I guess, for a gay bar, that's probably a cardinal sin: be good, be bad, be *something*... but pick one thing and do it well.

  • RuffHund
    RuffHund reviewed Silverado Over a year ago
    Loves it

    One of my favorite bars anywhere in the world
    To be fair, I love Portland, anyway. It is, as a friend described it, an "odd" city. Case-in-point--the Silverado. Located right across the street from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and next door to straight strip club, Portland is the best case of live-and-let-live anywhere in the U.S. High-class meets artsy meets sleazy... and everyone gets along. The Silverado is the epitome of that mix. One of the few strip clubs in the States where guys can go fully naked (they don't do it all the time), the dancers manage to still make it work when wearing underwear or whatever. If you want it to be sleazy, there are guys there for that, if you want to just have a drink, the Silverado does that great, too. Normally, I'm not a fan of females at gay strip clubs, but here, it's just part of the amazing mix that is Portland. No boundaries in this city... everyone just does their thing and mixes at will. Show up at the Silverado however you are... you'll fit in and find a good crowd any time. Nothing high-class here... just a good bar that happens to have some of the best, most approachable strippers I've seen anywhere.

  • RuffHund
    RuffHund reviewed Ziegfield's/Secrets Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Naked guys
    As a huge fan of strippers, this is one of the best places in the U.S. to hang out. Crazy hot to see the guys. Whether out on the stage or above your head at the bars, it is the mecca for guys who love to lose themselves in getting worked for ca$h. Are there some downsides? Yeah, sometimes too many females and the bar management is aggressive in terms of policing any additional sexual activity, but I can't deduct from my rating for that--after all, they need to stay in business. By about midnight, guys are so crazy horned up if you can't find someone to take back to your hotel room you aren't trying... everyone is trying so hard to find a release after being toyed with by strippers all night that they'll hook up with anything male that moves.

  • RuffHund
    RuffHund reviewed Club Empire Over a year ago
    Loves it

    One of my fave places in Norfolk / VA Beach
    I'm a regular on Thursday nights whenever I'm in town. Love that they still have a place inside to smoke, but even better are the strippers. Gotta admit, it gets pretty crazy when Lucky and some of the other guys get up on stage and bounce their junk. Even with the strict VA laws, these guys will work your HARD for tips. Yeah, there are some sad twinky strippers, but the good ones make up for it... especially since they have all been willing to earn some extra money in private sessions outside the club. Bar staff is cool and pretty much lets you where whatever you want, which I love... good drinks, strong, good price, and some slutty, dark corners where everyone else pretends not to see what's going on.