46. I'm a man that likes to share good moments with another man. Love to travel, make new friends and discover new things about culture.

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10 Loved Places


  • Blake's On The Park Midtown, Atlanta
  • Campus Danseurs nus The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Complexe Sky The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Stock Bar The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Galeria Café Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


  • Rod
    Rod reviewed Blake's On The Park Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Wonderful time at Blakes
    Although it had the worst drag queens' show I've ever seen, I had a wonderful time there and made some good new friends.

  • Rod
    Rod reviewed Boate 1140 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    1140 wonderful place to have fun!
    1140 is where you can find live singers performing; DJ's playing ultimate house music, flashback, and Rio's local sound (such as samba or funk); drag queens' live shows; a confortable lounge where you can chat, kiss, ... All at the same place. It's a four pavements house where you ENJOY it all!!! If you have the opportunity, GO! You'll see all kinds of people, all interested in having fun!

  • Rod
    Rod reviewed Campus Danseurs nus Over a year ago
    Loves it

    This one is excellent!
    Great place, with hot boys. Despite the... men that goes there and act like animals, the atmosphere is good. Most of the boys like talking with you and they know exactly how to approach you in a polite way so that you don't feel like being at a butchery choosing the meat for dinner hehehehe... I have my favourite boy and I'm eager to go back there to see him! Oh, and it's much better than Stock Bar because they explain you in a clear manner exactly what you are paying for and what you will get with no ludibriation as happens at Stock. Just go to Campus and have an awesome time there!!!

  • Rod
    Rod reviewed Stock Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't be stupid like I was!
    Well, although it's a good place and have wonderful boys, first time I've been there I went for "a dance" with hot Cedric, and I found it strange because it was taking a long time. Thus, I asked him when the dance finish, and he laughed at me explaining that I pay for each song and not for "a dance", so I felt it was outrageous and I ended up loosing 200dollars!!! So whenever you go for "a dance", you MUST pay attention, otherwise you will loose money like I did.