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  • Downtown Olly's Downtown, Indianapolis
  • English Ivy's Downtown, Indianapolis
  • Metro NightClub & Restaurant Downtown, Indianapolis
  • Gregs Indy Mass Ave, Indianapolis
  • Robb2233
    Robb2233 reviewed Varsity Over a year ago
    Loves it

    As for a major club promoter from Tampa, Fl I have to give them major props, they have great and friendly bartenders who show lots of attention and remember you. Almost like cheers very low key. Only con is sometimes you gotta feed the juke box. BUT EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT FOOD! Start here and then take your adventure.

  • Robb2233
    Robb2233 reviewed Metro NightClub & Restaurant Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not so impressed.
    As a former major club promoter in Tampa,FL... Again after visiting all the different clubs.. While this one has upstairs and great appearence.. Drink specials .. hmmm. Don't remember many. And as far as cliental seems to vary. Most here in Indy say Metro is only notorious for its Idol contests etc. Karaoke, however I would strongly suggest Ollys, Gregs, or even Varsity. Dance floor? hmm.. Not sure if I remember one of those, but they do have lots of pool tables up stairs and chatting area. POOR DRINKS! Over priced!

  • Robb2233
    Robb2233 reviewed Gregs Indy Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great 4 venues
    I am a former club promoter and adult industry male who moved here recently. I have to say that gregg's is very liberal after meeting the owner, and hearing the story behind the place. They truly care about their cliental. Infact I left a shirt in my stripping (just for fun) and the week later the owner remembered and had it for me. Very great owner! Pool tables in 2 rooms. 1 that is remote and a bit more quiet. Patio.. CLEAN bathrooms! VERY nice DANCE FLOOR and DJ's whom I have met and spoken to on my few visits. I would say this is the happening place. All ages, you will find a place that fits you most!

  • Robb2233
    Robb2233 reviewed English Ivy's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Morgue. With great food.
    I would have to say this in my mind, as a major former club promoter from Florida that has recently frequented most of the gay clubs here that this is a very depressing place unless your surrounded by people you know. Its a great place to eat before you go out, GREAT FOOD! Philly cheese steak or cheese.. But I wouldn't go as far as saying your going to catch any fish that haven't already been a quite a few times. Lets say I walked in there at 10pm one night with my boyfriend, not even looking, but it was just a morgue. During the day as I said great for food.

  • Robb2233
    Robb2233 reviewed Downtown Olly's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place to escape the club drama....
    Major club promoter from Florida, I recently relocated here. I have to say that Olly's has the right venues. A round bar also a small dining area, they have great drink specials and of course you have to love their karoke night. I would highly reccommend this club to anyone who is looking for a great fun escape, and experience.