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  • Griffith Observatory Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Museum of Tolerance Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica, Santa Monica
  • The Huntington Pasadena, San Marino
  • The Getty Los Angeles
  • The Hollywood Bowl Hollywood, Hollywood


  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed Descanso Gardens Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Now is the best time to view the gardens!
    The Gardens are donning their fall finery as acorns drop, berries ripen and camellias start to bloom again. In the beautiful Japanese Garden each day brings a surprise of flowering. The creamy buckwheat flowers in the Natives Garden are turning red, as are the prickly pears on the opuntia cactu. Of course you shouldn't miss the fall pumpkins as they turn fat and deep orange. These amazing gardens are in a secluded "natural bowl" setting in the San Rafael hills. Drive out and browse to your hearts content.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed The Huntington Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Art, beautiful landscapes, elegance! All in one place!
    Although the Huntington is slightly off the beaten track on the outskirts of LA it is well worth the trip to see it. Former mansion to a well connected family this elegant home serves as an amazing museum. Home to the famous "Boy in Blue" portrait the Huntington has not only top notch paintings it also has incredible landscaping throughout the grounds. Take the tour or have high tea in a relaxing setting but do take the time to visit the botanical gardens. Coming this fall of 2010 the Huntington will host an amazing collection of Renaissance and Baroque sculptures. You won't want to miss this museum.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed Griffith Observatory Over a year ago
    Loves it

    See the Hollywood sign up close!
    Atop the hills that boast the famous Hollywood sign sits the beautiful Griffith Observatory. The view from the walkway around the Griffith, of the valley lit at night, is breath taking. If astronomy makes your heart beat faster then bring your defibulator because the new "show of the stars" is sure to speed up your beat. You can now schedule an appointment to view the nighttime sky through the observatory telescope. It is well worth making an appointment. Don't forget your camera whether you come at night or during the day because the view is one you'll want to record for posterity.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed The Hollywood Bowl Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Lights! Music! Action! All under the LA sky!
    The Hollywood Bowl is one of the most unique venues in the world. No matter the show that happens to be on the stage the experience of sitting under the balmy California night sky only deepens your feelings. And you can watch classical music orchestras, rock bands or live theatre while relaxing on the lawn or sitting in stadium seating. The Hollywood Bowl is a fixture on the Los Angeles scene and has offered a variety of entertainment for many years. If you live in or visit LA then make sure you get a ticket to a night under the stars. You'll have them in your eyes for quite awhile after.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed Pantages Theatre Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Broadway theatre in a West Coast setting
    The Pantages Theatre is an LA landmark. Originally the home of the Oscars this art deco treasure had been at the center of celebrity in LA for many decades. It still retains all of the glittering charm from its' heyday hosting the top echelon of stars. Now home to a series of Broadway shows the Pantages still hosts new and exciting theatre. If you love theatre in a setting of yesterday's glitz and glamour then do not miss an evening at the Pantages.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed The Getty Over a year ago
    Loves it

    An art lovers paradise!
    The late billionaire J Paul Getty left a sizable portion of his fortune to endow this museum. His money has been spent both judiciously and tastefully. Whether you appreciate Old Master's, Impressionism or Surrealism you will find the best at the Getty. Perched atop a small mountain overlooking ritzy Bel-Air and all the way to the Pacific Ocean this majestic white imported Italian stone building surrounded by magnificent gardens is a beauty to behold. And that is just the exterior! Waiting inside is every kind of amazing artwork available in the world. I can promise that you will not regret adding this stop to your tour itinerary. If time permits take the drive over to the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and see the Getty Italianate Villa which was the original home of Mr Getty and the museum.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed Santa Monica Pier Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun for the entire family (with or without kids!)
    A fun-filled pier that stretches out over the blue Pacific ocean. If you are looking for a nice stroll or want to ride a roller coaster this is the place for you! The pier has everything from carnival rides and games to every kind of trinket for sale imaginable! If you are a fisherman at heart you can find that too. It is a really fun family place or a couple will enjoy strolling or sitting enjoying the awesome view.

  • RickInLA
    RickInLA reviewed Museum of Tolerance Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Do not miss this museum!
    Having suffered the pain and rejection of prejudice and intolerance every gay person owes it to themselves to visit this museum that is dedicated to the furtherance of tolerance. One feature I found very effective was at the beginning of the tour you are given a picture of a man, woman or child to carry with you as you tour the museum. As you visit the exhibits you will find fascinating tidbits about the person assigned to you. At the end of the tour you find out if the person you have come to know made it through the Holocaust alive or not. It is a very powerfully emotional moment. If you live in or are visiting the LA area you will not want to miss this site.