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  • Hidden Door Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Tin Room Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Black's Beach La Jolla, San Diego
  • Baker Beach Richmond, San Francisco
  • Peter Pan Diner Wilton Manors, Oakland Park


  • PupDog
    PupDog reviewed The Club Dallas Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I am the decider
    I decided to try this place out and was glad for it. I was tired of the same old Dick back at my house and really enjoyed the crowd. I misunderestimated how fun this place could be.for way to long.

  • PupDog
    PupDog reviewed Black's Beach Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good any time of year
    This is a great beach anytime of year. I have been there in summer or winter. Water is coldish, but not too cold to swim in in January I think. Stay out of the dunes. I was there a few years back and was warned about it and saw people getting dragged off by under cover cops. Very rude scene that way, but the beach is great other than a little kelp in the water. Torry Pines ia a good way to get there if you like a little hiking, check the tides though as it can be hard to get around a point of rocks if it is in and at a high level. From the hang gliding cliffs at La Jolla is faster but its a bit gamy getting down and back up that steep cliff. Great place to lay out and get some sun though as its not too hot and you don't have to get in the cool water if you don't want to get wet or cool off.

  • PupDog
    PupDog reviewed Hidden Door Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun on Sundays
    Don't know what the older crowd, drinker's bar comments are about. I go there to watch sports in the back bar a lot weekends. College football on Saturdays, baseball when its happening. Its a friendly place. Safer parking and transit than than off the strip in the bar district too. Drinks are cheap on Sundays. The only down side is know to avoid the little blond bartender that goes by Kenny. He has caused a lot of problems with various patrons and seems to have some sort of Napoleon complex. I personally witnessed an altercation between him and a patron who was not causing any problem, and have heard stories from some of the guys I know there over the years. I think the issue might be over tipping, or in this case, not tipping him. Avoid him and go to the back bar as he does not work that position, safest deal though is to not interact with him at all.

  • PupDog
    PupDog reviewed Peter Pan Diner Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun place to go
    This place is WAY better then a Denny's While the have food at that price level they have a lot of different dishes and complete dinners in a ten bucks range. Its by far the best food for the money and a friendly crowd and service bunch. Its a great place to go when you are hungry after the bars or beach and you just want to sit and chill for a bit. Never a wait, always at least reasonably fast service, and I have always had reliable food there for the dinners I like. I have heard a few people dish the place and for the life of me I cant see why. They don't slam the food down and then try to run you off either like at a Denny's if you want to sit and talk a bit.

  • PupDog
    PupDog reviewed Java Boys Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great coffe house ambience
    The only thing this place lacks as a coffee house is a space for live entertainment. As a community coffee shop I find it quite warm and cozy. One can pluck a book or rag from the rack and read contentedly, sit in the pit and make conversation and actually meet and get to know people, surf on their free WiFi, or watch various stuff on several flat screens. Gone are the gushy Baristas who suck up to you with false chit chat as are the over priced libation rates of Starbucks. If you want over priced products, to be sucked up too, and decor with attitude for days, then go get your fix at Starbucks but make sure to come and go fast to make room for their next sucker. If you want to sit and chat in a neighborhood setting with friendly people then this is the place. I have always had friendly conversation with people there and found something to read worth merit. There are things to lock a bike up to outside as well if you ride for the exercise and air. Its a great place to go connect with friends as well before heading out together.