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    Was there July 2,2013 Tues evening, it still early, but this old timer scum bag somehow zeroed in on me for a private show! says he needs the money . his price not mine so to get him off my face i heeded! i did not offer nor propositioned anything - i am not really interested in oldies. during show every step the pesos keeps adding up and adding up!! shit this scum thought i really liked him - i was about to end it, but he persisted and i felt sorry i gave what he asked. But then after he turned and tells his cohorts - i am cheap! shit I've never been treated like that, most specially coming from a old scum like that!!! obviously others likes this game - just so freaking low for me!! For me - nothing exciting in this place - its not even a turn on cause you can tell this is a rip off place!!! I am not pissed about few miserable pesos - its just plain scum - in your face rip off! not ever worth it! don't even waste your time! PVR left a really bad taste on me - never again! Just so i can post this but i have to click on a star - note that I am rating this shit hole NOT WORTH A STAR.