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  • Pajamas
    Pajamas reviewed Club Body Center Providence Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not even close to what I expected
    Okay, granted I am from San Francisco and we have some really great sex clubs here. But still, after reading the reviews, I figured that Club Body would still be a decent visit. Instead, I found a tired facility with very few guys in it. I think the maximum occupancy was 6 during the 3 hours I hung out. And while I am no spring chicken, at least I keep myself in shape (daily gym, 170#, 5'9). That could not be said for any of the other visitors. My visit was a Monday night, which is likely to be one of the slowest nights of the week, so if you are going some other night, maybe things will be a bit better. And they are working on putting in a steamroom (right now there is only a sauna), but it appears to still be in infancy. Overall, there was nothing I found special about the place. Next time I will try Mega-Plex, even though it's reviews seemed to be a bit sketchy.