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  • Blake's On The Park Midtown, Atlanta
  • Twist South Beach, Miami Beach
  • FLEX Spas (Flexbaths) Midtown, Atlanta
  • NoLookinDown
    NoLookinDown reviewed Cobalt / 30 Degrees Over a year ago
    Hates it

    From the second that I sat down at the bar, I was instantly displeased. There was one bartender and the bar was pretty busy. No problem I'm a very patient guy. When I was finally able to get a seat I just waited on the bartender patiently who took his time and chatted with people. I had no problem waiting because I could see that the bar was full and he looked like a hard working guy. So just as he started another conversation, now clearly ignoring me, I was about to finally speak up, but another guy walked up and asked for a drink right besides me and he obliged. I disrupted the two exclaiming that I was waiting before him. The bartender immediately got a huge attitude and started yelling that I need to speak up if I want an order and that he was swamped. First of all, he was not that busy because I was about to call him out for chatting with his homegirl instead of serving drinks. Second of all, no first of all, what kind of bartender ignores a fresh face that just sat down at his bar for the first time. I know he saw me cus he looked at me when I first walked up and multiple times after that. The sad part is that I am only disgusted by the attitude that he got and how he started yelling at me like I'm some child. If he would have professionally said, "Sorry I'm busy and I can't really hear you back here," despite that being a lie and the fact I never said anything since I was waiting on him to not "look busy", I would have been perfectly fine. So annoyed, how am I supposed to enjoy the rest of my time here after the bartender just cursed me out and the rest of the crowd thinks I'm an asshole? All because I thought I was doing the bartender a favor by waiting patiently. Aside from that the bar is pretty big despite there only being one bartender and the dance floor is super tiny, so idk. The karaoke (technically speaking) sounded really nice compared to typical bars with cheap gear. I'm just so disgusted by the way I was treated.

  • NoLookinDown
    NoLookinDown reviewed Twist Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The gay club of Miami
    The crowd here is usually very shy and to themselves. A lot of them just like to stare, but if you initiate a conversation they are usually very friendly. The thing that I like about twist is that it is actually a combination of I think 5 different rooms, including a gogo room, and each one having it's own atmosphere and genre. They have something for everyone and each time I go there I get begged to go him with a few guys so that's always fun. The bartenders are always super hot, super flirty, and extra nice. The only down fall is that it's usually crowded and hard to gain their attention.

  • NoLookinDown
    NoLookinDown reviewed Blake's On The Park Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not worth it
    The only thing that made this trip worth it was the eye candy. This bar sucked, the crowd is very stuck up and no one talked to me both times I went. The bartenders were rude and the music sucked. The stage is like some tables they put at the front of the bar and the actual bar is bigger than the whole dang club. The bar sits in the middle of the room and you have a little space to walk around it or sit along the walls. Upstairs they have a smaller bar and it's less crowded, but it's too bare up there. They need more up there. The place was way too crowded as in people stepping on your toes crowded. I tapped people to let me by and they just rolled there eyes. So annoying that you have to be rude and push people just to get to the bathroom. The drinks were a little bit more expensive than Burkharts and all of the drag sucked, they pretty much just stood there, except one. She had a donk hunty and knew how to shake it lol. The host was not funny and laughed at his own jokes. Like I said the only thing worth coming for was the eye candy. It seemed like 70% of the crowd in there was fine gurl. When I say fine I mean both time I went there I left with my panties wet. I can see why it's crowded, but once again they're all stuck up anyways so nope, most likely not going back.

  • NoLookinDown
    NoLookinDown reviewed FLEX Spas (Flexbaths) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very Clean
    This was my first time at a bath house. I only went to see what it was like. Surprisingly it was very clean, even for someone who had no expectations. The Staff was constantly cleaning while I was there. I did see a mouse by the vending machine, which was working, but whatever. On the down side the place was too dark for my liking as a first timer and the crowd was very to themselves and no one talked the whole time I was there. I thought it would be more friendly or social atmosphere. The Jacuzzi was very comfortable aside from the fact that the seat and flooring of it is glass so it's impossible for you to just sit there since the streams just cause you to slide around in there lol. Maybe that was just because I'm so skinny. The pool was big and the sauna was nice also. The steam room however, smelled like piss when I walked in there so I immediately turned back around and left the steam room. All of the rooms a incredibly small and the crowd was between 28 and up which I didn't mind, but it's definitely not the place for young folk :) and you do have to strip to at least your underwear. The staff was pretty cute and friendly btw.

  • NoLookinDown
    NoLookinDown reviewed Burkhart's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    This place was great.
    The crowd was friendly, and I saw a few really hot guys there. The crowd was very mixed and even some cute "straight" guys there. Really clean and professional staff. My only complaint is that there was hardly anyone dancing on the tiny dance floor they have. This place is not a dance club it's more of a mingle/get-together type place. Oh, and the hostess was a bitch, but that's her job. I'm sure it was only for the humor, like at every gay bar.