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  • The Tropicale Palm Springs Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs


  • NewPSP
    NewPSP reviewed The Tropicale Palm Springs Over a year ago
    Hates it

    If you enjoy rude service, go here! If not, DON'T
    The hosts were absolutely rude and disrespectful. And don't bother with a reservation, it means absolutely nothing to the restaurant. They will seat you whenever they want. We were there at 8:28pm for our 8:30pm reservation. And by 9:30pm, and several complaints, we finally got seated. Instead of indoor non-smoking as reserved, we were seated in outdoor smoking noisy bar area. When we protested and threatened to leave, a bunch of indoor tables magically appeared and became available. Anyway, we left in anger and will never go back. Also, the place was very noisy. The place was cramp. If you want a better dining expereince, try somewhere else.