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  • MrFlowers
    MrFlowers reviewed Pulse (CLOSED) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    You'll LOVE the ambiance.....but......
    This bar is definately great the first time you visit. The first time I went was to see all the dancers, My first visit was about 2 months after opening. It was a Sunday night and had about 15 dancers, it was awesome. The bar is set into four sections, outdoor patio, white room, red room, and the black room-strippers. The white room is great, very much so a ultra lounge feeling, the red room is the dance room and never busy, and the black room is great with the dancers. I have been back about 30 times and it has getton worse and worse each time I go back, they have less dancers, the drinks are weaker, and the great crown has changed. Still great place if you want a different ambiance. Great staff for the most part. They now normally only have about 3 or 4 dancers of which one is now female, and some of the guys are not great. All in all its worth a shot....