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    MichaelWallace reviewed Bar Taboo
    Over a year ago

    I have been flying to TABOO twice a year from America since May of 2005. Just like the city of Montreal ,Taboo has seen a steep-and-steady decline. In the summer of 2012 and 2013, Taboo had some very nasty dancers. Some were missing teeth, lacked deodorant, or looked like they were Shrek and 50-years old. These super-ugly, old dancers would be drunk-out-of-their-minds because nobody was buying lap dances from them. To make a long story short, I had just purchased 2 expensive drinks when this old ugly aggressive dancer (who is all of 5 feet tall) came over to my table all drunk, and knocked over BOTH my drinks all over my brand new clothes and shoes. Gerry the owner, and the bartender, both refused to replace the drinks that their employee knocked over, claiming it was an accident and saying "that's what happens in bars." Keep in mind I did not want this dancer at my table as he was better suited for the nursing home. Not only were my brand new clothes, and new shoes, stained and soaking wet, I had also lost money on 2 expensive drinks. What horrible customer service to not replace drinks that a nasty dancer had spilled on me. Both teamed up together and said if I didn't like it I should leave!! Keep in mind I have been visiting Taboo since 2005 and was a loyal customer. The irony is Gerry (manager of Taboo) will be seen comping free drinks to his favorite patrons, but he won't comp drinks if his dancers spill them all over you. This happened in 2012 and I have never forgotten that horrific experience and total lack of customer service. The only cool person who worked at Taboo was a bartender named Stephane. Some dancers would charge $20 instead of $10 per song for a private dance in the back room (and then not even take off their clothes). When I brought the price discrepancy up to Gerry's attention he did absolutely nothing!!! He actually said to me "it depends what you and the dancer agree too" even though there are signs all over the walls saying private dances are $10 !!! What kind of a manager is this? He would be fired in any other business with that attitude, and lack of customer service. It's all fake smiles and fake hugs. And if you only buy soda pop instead of alcohol they will look at you like you're disposable. I visit for the twinks not the drinks! The only reason I still visit Taboo is because they have a monopoly on twinks; however, I have been most successful finding "real twinks" at Club Unity on Friday and Saturday nights. The "club" twinks are much more appreciative of being spoiled, while at Taboo it's "expected" and the dancers feel "entitled." Taboo needs a more customer service oriented manager/owner and a larger more refined selection of skinny young twinks who actually brush their teeth and aren't in their mid-twenties. I can go to Campus or Lux for the older dancers. A twink is not someone in their twenties who walks around telling people they look much younger. Taboo needs to return to its glory days with barely-legal, wafer-thin, skinny, white, blonde-and-blue-eyed teenage twinks!! Real twinks who are in their senior year of high school. Taboo used to be world-famous and an international hot spot destination, and now it's turning into just another strip club trying to appease to everyone in the gay community. One quickly gets the feeling that unless you're a senior citizen tourist with a cane, and throwing around wads of cash buying overpriced alcoholic beverages, Taboo will view you as disposable business. $5 for a can of Coke?