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    Dont Waste Your Time nor Money!!!

    Lisa Vanderpump... more like Lisa Vanderc__t !!! The Diva was at PUMP last evening for Halloween and as usual, it was all about her and not her customers... unless they're beautiful and gym fit. She was more than willing to take photos with anyone whom she deemed worthy of her presence, but three times I (a slightly overweight older gent, yet attractive) approached her and kindly asked he if I may take a photo with her (with a photographer with my phone ready to shoot) and each time she turned her back to take photos with those whom she deemed more befitting. I've eaten there three times, once for dinner, once with hors d'oeuvres for a charity event, and once for appetizers with cocktails and all three times the food was NOT good... marginal at best and waaay overprised. Don't waste your money and don't contribute to this self-inflated ego diva's "restaurant." A restaurant and its attitude towards quality food and quality service is a reflection of its owner and Lisa's attitude is lousy. Incidentally, although the olive tree garden is lovely, much of the décor came from Marshal's and TJ Max and the crystal chandeliers and many of the ornamental decorations came from Restoration Hardware... not exactly high-end design.