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  • Body Zone Highland Park, Detroit


  • Mguy2014
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    slow slow slow
    Slow through the week but busy end of week and only because the management thinks its appropriate to have a mean and obnoxious desk clerk most of the time...On the weekends, there is a nicer older desk clerk...If the owners want to appear to give a care about anything they need to clean up their act soon...Provide the patrons with personable employess not the rude ones , Detroit department of Health really needs to check this place out it was reported that the mean tall desk clerk was giving out towels he dunked in the toilet ,let them dry then handed them out to guys who asked for another towel. Then they laugh about it while filming the angry customers with their phones. bz is both disgusting and fithy...and since the clientel are older it seems like elderly abuse... Gay men must be truly self loathing to go to this place.