38. Hey folks! Just back - to the place where I grew up (Metro East) as well as the "being single" scene. Haven't lived here since I was 18 and OH MY is the Metro East awesome... for straight people! Unless anyone has any other ideas, I'll be on the exciting side of the river most of the time, so definitely get in touch - I could use a friendly guide to help get my sea-legs! Otherwise, just want to meet people and make friends and have some fun, so hit me up whether you're an experienced St. Louis gay or a newbie to the scene!

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  • Fiesta Cantina West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • MetroEastMatt
    MetroEastMatt reviewed Erney's 32 Degrees Over a year ago
    Loves it

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    In my opinion, Erney's is the perfect combination that you find in a modern gay video bar - swanky interior that says we're allowed to have nice things, mixed with a laid back attitude that says you don't have to be a total jerk to enjoy those things. Yes, crowd skews younger, at least late at night when the DJ hits it hard and the place practically explodes from being so full. But I've never felt underdressed or ugly or anything there, and I'm a Kohl's shopper, you know what I'm saying? That said, this kind of becomes the place to be late on weekend nights, so it obviously attracts a large young crowd that wants to dance. If that isn't for you, then I'd suggest another time of day/week to sample the walk-in vodka bar. In all, this place makes me feel very comfortable. The staff is friendly. It's beautifully decorated but they somehow manage to avoid pretention. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to have a good night.

  • MetroEastMatt
    MetroEastMatt reviewed Fiesta Cantina Over a year ago
    Hates it

    UGH, what a dump! I brought 5 friends with me to have a couple cocktails last night. We usually won't will pass up a place with a line and move on to something where we can walk right in. But, we wanted to meet a couple of local friends who were already inside. THE WAIT WAS NOT WORTH IT! By the time we got served by the smarmy bartender, an hour of our WEHO fun night had been wasted on waiting to get in and waiting to be waited on. I ordered a round of drinks for my friends, but the bartender seemed to be more interested in serving more customers, than giving us what we ordered. When I got his attention and told him he got my drink wrong (I ordered a Bud and he served me Miller 64), he said "we don't have bud", then just moved onto the next customer again. I asked him to take the drinks off my bill and he refused. I finally had to get the manager, who was standing there not doing a thing. I told him that I wanted the money refunded and he told me I had to wait yet again. I finally insisted on a full refund and we (all 7 of us) left. I'll never waste my time again. And that includes the San Diego store too. NEVER AGAIN. The ABBEY, MICKYS AND ELEVEN WILL BE GETTING MY BUSINESS!! Tony from San Diego