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  • Sidetrack Boystown, Chicago
  • Jackhammer Rogers Park, Chicago
  • Touché Rogers Park, Chicago
  • Dallas Eagle Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Cafe Lafitte in Exile French Quarter, New Orleans
  • RawHide 2010 French Quarter, New Orleans


  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed 800 Live Over a year ago
    Loves it

    San Antonio's best attempt at a Man's bar
    The Annex is a small dive that you can run to if you just wanna get away from the craziness of The Strip. Not the most attractive bar or clientèle (even by dive bar standards), and it's far from the best of its "genre", but this is as butch as it'll get in San Antonio. All of the bartenders are nice guys and are very good at what they do. The drinks are as cheap as they are strong. Plus, they've started doing monthly Gear Nights, which have been fun so far. Also, as expected, it can be a cruisy atmosphere at times. If you can manage to find something attractive to fool around with, this will be the place to get a bit "warmed up" before heading home. This is a bar that knows what it is and intends to stay that way. If you like an older, more laid-back crowd, this is the place to be. But please, if you have a Fag Hag, leave her at The Strip...this isn't the place for her.

  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed Sidetrack Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very nice bar
    Visited Chicago and, inexplicably, held off on checking out Sidetrack until my last evening in town. Better late than never, though. It's a huge, very clean and nice-looking bar and their specialty drinks are as tasty as they are strong. It was pretty crowded and definitely seemed to be on the "clique-ish" side, but still a good time overall. I'd recommend checking it out.

  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed Touché Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice intro to IML weekend
    Visited Touche on my first night in town for IML. Nothing mind-blowing or exceptional, but has pretty much anything would want from a cruise bar. Nice welcoming bartenders, cheap drinks (at least compared to the bars in Boystown), and good cruising. The back bar is, of course, a must. Had a few great times to get me nice and warmed up for a great trip. I'd definitely recommend it.

  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed Dallas Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Good bar, but not sure about the leather part
    Great bartenders, met cool guys and made a few friends. It's a great bar for socializing, but I don't think it lives up to its "Leather" title. Very, very few guys in leather, and not really any "cruising" at all like you'd expect at this type of bar. Feels way too sanitized. But overall, I still enjoy it any time I go.

  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed The Phoenix Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Went a few times during Decadence and it was hit or miss, but for the most part I had a great time. This bar definitely appeals to the more leather/butch crowd. Downstairs seems to be the more general crowd, upstairs is where the men and the action are. Won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I had some great times in the Eagle upstairs. A cab ride away. Worth checking out at least once, especially during Decadence.

  • MechDroid
    MechDroid reviewed RawHide 2010 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    So much fun
    Went for the first time during Decadence this year and it was crazy. A bit too crowded on the nights of Decadence but still lots of fun. Friendly bartenders, friendly guys, and VERY horny/frisky guys. The back room is something you have to experience at least once. This bar will be a must-stop anytime I'm in New Orleans from now on.