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    Mattandjordan reviewed Complexe Sky
    Over a year ago

    Not Impressed

    Initially, we were excited to go into the club for an afternoon drink. There were free munchies available, and a 2 for 1 beer special. Great! But, after our first interaction with our server, we knew that it was only going down hill. We both speak passable French. It's not our first language, but we get our point across. We ordered one round, and tipped 20%. Our server (not wearing a name tag) brought us our beer, and would not start a tab for us. He said that because he just started his shift, be wasn't able to start one. Um, ok, I guess. We had to walk up to the bar to get our second drink, after waiting for 10 minutes. It was delivered by our server and we tipped 50% this time, just to see whether the service would improve. It didn't. Other clients were being chatted up, in a seemingly friendly manner, but we were still getting the cold shoulder. We paid, left that great tip, and were ignored for the remainder of the time. Don't plan on receiving decent service, unless you speak impeccable French, or if you don't have decent pecs. You'll be disappointed. We definitely won't be going back.