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  • Eagle NYC Chelsea, New York
  • Townhouse East Side, New York
  • The Big Coconut Guesthouse Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale
  • East Side Club Inc. East Side, New York
  • Paddles NYC Chelsea, New York



  • ManhattanMan
    ManhattanMan reviewed The Big Coconut Guesthouse Over a year ago
    Loves it

    What hapened...
    I stayed at Coconut Cove several times over the years & really liked certainly was better than most o the other places close by catering to gay men(especially the ones owned by the guys that own Town House Bar & baths in NYC)! Any news of whats to become if the property?

  • ManhattanMan
    ManhattanMan reviewed Townhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What a Dump!
    This bar is owned by the same cheapskates that own The East & Westside Clubs here in NYC & some motels in FT Lauderdale. Yes the bar scene has changed all over but why is The Townhouse operated as such. THe d├ęcor is a cheap bordello look done by someones drunk Aunt. The piano players have to be the worst from high school.....mind you the drinks are not cheap $$$ so why is all so ...CHEAP! The crowd stand around & look at their phones..why socialize wen its all downhill. The bathrooms, Carpets & furniture need replacement because they are so dirty.... Too bad another bar in NYC in the dumo!

  • ManhattanMan
    ManhattanMan reviewed Eagle NYC Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Going down hill fast..5 STARSGreat bar & crowd 5 STARS!!!!!
    After living in NYC for over 30+ years its great to see this institution in its current location. Yes years ago there were more men in leather & the "play" was abundant...things change - but there is still lots of "activity" of all sorts to watch & participate in. I work a professional business job(suit & tie / 9-5) so late nites aren't as often(or late) as I'd like - but certainly Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays are my favorites. Saturday & Sunday tends to get more out of towners...weekdays more Manhattanites & tourists. There is something for everyone that likes masculinity. I'm certainly not a bear nor a leather expert but I've always been welcomed, been comfortable, had fun and hope they continue what they are doing. The bartenders have all been nice, the bouncers considerate but firm(all but the short guy who can be a jerk at times) and the music & videos great......there is even a store that can help you with the things you want....real men having real fun. Went back last week for Jock Strap nite -Wednesday - lots of guys in jocks - hot but again the manager is an a-hole & the little bouncer a real jerk & both very disrespectful....still lots of play except when those 2 idiots charge in -sort of crazy to promote a jock strap nite & not expect & then be a holes a bout guys playing 2 the eagle. Also the coat check guy was either too drunk or stoned or stupid to be able to read the 3 digit coat check stubs. Get a new friendlier / efficient manager, get rid of the little pussy bouncer and the men can enjoy the great music & videos and atmosphere of being w/ leather men that enjoy each other....September 2014 May 2015... went to eagle 2x recently ..last sunday I was packed due to a city wide Bear event...the line to get to the roof deck was all the way down to the first floor.crazy. I went again on Thursday which is leather code nite. Again its eveident they need to get rid of the manager(I believe his name is Oscar).he scampers about doing things that should of been taken care of before they open at 10:00pm. Last nite he was hanging decorations at almost 11 pm in the first floor and then he is fixing beer taps that should of been checked before he has a line of thirsty customers. the bartenders really have to get over themselves & serve the customers & Then chit chat amoung themselves. For quite a while now customers have been complaining about the pour on the drinks..the worst was last night by the bartender on the first floor w/ the red cap. Then there is the rididculous rules about being admitted to the second floor ...there is no longer enough leather clad men to support the segregation of the customers. at one point a man was denied access to the 2nd floor because he was wearing black sneakers(no sneakers on 2nd fl) despite the fact he was shirtless & wearing a harness and leather arm bands! Then there is the drama ridden "Barber" that they place on the second floor taking up much space for his show. Its like a bad soap opera ...not many customers & yet it takes quite a while to get a buzz cut & the guy is using a hair dryer and teasing hair like it was aunt flo going to her weekly appt. Put him downstairs near the front of the bar & the coat check..people will see him (NYC has changed ...there are now women in the eagle...but the management & its drama inducing methods certainly do not help. Its too bad...once again customer service is traded for the idea that the establishment & its employees are doing the world a favor by being there.....even the manager was like a warden going into the bathrooms to break up the play that was gong on....his methods were more appropriate for a cell block of convicted felons...not a group of men that were enjoying a night out in various ways. There are ways of asking people that their behavior is not permissible at that time even tho its going on all over the 3 floors. Too bad ..the customers tend to be a great group of guys.

  • ManhattanMan
    ManhattanMan reviewed East Side Club Inc. Over a year ago
    Hates it

    East & West Side Clubs are the pits.
    After living in NYC for years its unbelievable that these 2 bath houses are the best NYC has to offer. The facilities are mediocre at best w/ broken toilets, no HOT WATER in the showers on an ongoing basis, the sheets & towels are not always cleaned. And the staff are the worst , rude, lazy and constantly pushing people. They all should be fired & the Mgt changed. Stay stupid that bath houses in NYC are like this. Went back last week & it did improve a little - unfortunately the staff is the same - the one manager is a good guy & the black beauty is nice - the rest of them should be shipped back to wherever they came from - Sasha, dred lock, old pussy mouth guy at check in at night & the big pussy with the long pony tail, the little rat - all have such bad attitudes - I just don't tip them anymore - did have some fun play tho - just make sure your sheet & towel are clean & refreshed!!! A lot of people won't go there anymore because of the staff(even the good guys on staff are disgusted w/ the a-holes working there) shake it up & get some good management& new customer friendly guys.....

  • ManhattanMan
    ManhattanMan reviewed Paddles NYC Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Paddles / Jacks of color - Skip it!
    Last night I tried the JOC nite at Paddles for the first time. Paddles is a basic sex club - no showers or rooms & only 1 bathroom. Its in a basement w/ a couple of play areas on one floor and another area upstairs that is a small lounge....the place could use a real good cleaning to start with. As far as the JOC aspect....there were about 8-12 guys(75% black) 80% of the guys were obviously HIV poz & none were using condoms or having anything remotely considered to be "safe sex". You are better off heading to one of the bathouses in NYC with more men & more facilities and shower & steam facilities for the same price. Its surprising that in NYC there really are not any first class clubs to go to....I've lived in NYC a long time and I have never seen something so miserable as JOC & Paddles.