Gary Domasin, 60M. I'll go with the philosophy: The Internet is full of possibilities for meeting many people. I've met a lot of people using sites for a wide variety of reasons. My own experience has taught me that the internet is good for an introduction, but friendships and relationships are built on common interests, shared experiences, and propinquity. The unique thing about this site is I can see an individual's tastes in bars, restaurants and places where they've been. With a short bio and a photo, that helps me to decide whom I think I might be interested in chatting with or emailing.

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  • Sidetrack Boystown, Chicago
  • JR's Bar and Grill Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Round-Up Saloon Oaklawn, Dallas



  • ManOnTheRoad
    ManOnTheRoad reviewed Wang's in the Desert Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Place To See & Be Seen
    Wang's is swank as ever! This Palm Springs hot spot feels luxurious with its gorgeous décor and majestic outdoor patio and the men here are beautiful. Though “snooty” service sometimes is part of the package, what with throngs of “out-of-towners” and an occasional bitchy drunk it’s understandable. What I don’t understand is how so many people say the food is great. Reviewers are blinded to the flat and tasteless food because of the beautiful clientele. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the whole atmosphere but I think the food is ordinary and has little to do with anything Asian. But I love to go there for drinks and ogle at the gorgeous crowd.

  • ManOnTheRoad
    ManOnTheRoad reviewed Leonor's Mexican Vegetarian Restaurant Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great Food / Reasonably Priced
    I have to admit I did not think I could find great Mexican food and great Vegetarian food under the same roof. Leonors Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant is amazing. The menu has unique vegetarian creations with an enormous selection of dishes to choose from. The prices are more than reasonable and the flavorful dishes Ive tasted were incredible. The atmosphere is Mom & Pop East LA with Hollywood head shots all over the walls. The staff is friendly and helpful. Who knew this would be in North Hollywood?

  • ManOnTheRoad
    ManOnTheRoad reviewed Oil Can Harry's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Fun Place
    I have to say, this is a fun place to hang out. The décor has not changed since the first time I walked into this bar in the late 1970’s. The guys here are a very eclectic bunch, hot muscle dudes, young little twinks to guys older than Methuselah. And everyone is friendly and having a great time. Drinks are reasonably priced and the bartenders are friendly and fast. Please note: I am only reviewing “Saturday Retro Nights”. I’ve never been to “Country Western Nights”. I hear it’s great fun, but I’ve never experienced it for myself. Now, to the reason many people go to “Saturday Retro Nights” At OCH's, IT'S FOR THE MUSIC, I think the owners forgot this part. OCH’s built their “Saturday Retro Nights” with an awesome DJ, who knows 70’s, 80’s & 90’s music and knows how to blend and build the energy on the dance floor. I loved this DJ’s work. It truly was like being back at Studio One, The Probe, The Limelight or Studio 54. But then they changed that DJ and replaced him with someone who is absolutely horrible. I thought that maybe they were trying this DJ out for the night. So I came back a couple of times only to hear that he’s the regular DJ for “Saturday Retro Nights”. The owners clearly dropped the ball on this one. They have a great atmosphere, awesome bartenders, a friendly staff but absolutely no understanding of the importance of music. As I see it, the only problem with Oil Can Harry's is that the “Saturday Retro Night” DJ "SUCKS BIG TIME”. And the music was the biggest reason to go there. It use to be a five star place, but now I give OCH's three stars.

  • ManOnTheRoad
    ManOnTheRoad reviewed The Bullet Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great Place to meet for a drink.
    The Bullet Bar is an awesome neighborhood bar. Sexy, friendly bartenders, a rough dark interior reminiscent of a 70’s Levi bar with a pool table and a nice out door patio with a fire pit. The guys are down to earth and approachable. The average age here is thirty-five to sixty-five with a few twenty something’s looking for a Daddy. Happy Hour after work is when I go there. Mostly Blue Collar guys with a few Suits & Tie guys thrown in, A GREAT PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS FOR A DRINK AFTER WORK.