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  • Sidetrack Boystown, Chicago
  • Charlie's Denver Capitol Hill, Denver
  • JAM Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City
  • Fore Street Old Port, Portland
  • Five Fifty-Five Park Side, Portland


  • MaineMichael
    MaineMichael reviewed JAM Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Raising the bar for all cities
    Jam belongs in every wanna-be cosmopolitan city in the U.S., so it was unusual to stumble upon it in SLC. The night we were there, the owners had a really hot vocal duo doing covers. At about the same time the college co-ed starting singing, guests started showing up with food for the very cool outdoor patio area which was already stocked with meats for the grill and fresh produce from that day's farmer's market ... it was all free. BUT DON'T WORRY, this wasn't Woodstock - the live show ended around 9:30 pm and a DJ took to the booth indoors that resembled a well-appointed, NYC sushi bar than a hole-in-the-wall bar in SLC's Marmalade District. As of this writing, JAM was closer to getting a liquor license that would allow them to serve something other than beer. Don't let the lack of libation deter you, though - this is the bar you've been looking for (and the bartender was f-in hot)!

  • MaineMichael
    MaineMichael reviewed Fore Street Over a year ago
    Loves it

    And a place to see ...
    Ditto to Bzboyandy. And, a cool place to see celebs visiting Maine. Sat next to Barney Frank, his bf and Chellie Pingree last week.