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  • New Orleans Guest House Treme, New Orleans
  • The Country Club Marigny, New Orleans


  • Maikel13
    Maikel13 reviewed New Orleans Guest House Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice to be in a hotel with the actual owners they are Greta and breakfast was nice

  • Maikel13
    Maikel13 reviewed The Country Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Me and boyfriend went there and this the only place in NOLA that I,m alerting everyone not to go!!!!! , we got there by car is the only way u can get there anyways , we park just in front , we walk alone , look like and empty place we past the kitchen and got to the bar a few people were there drinking. a plate with a burguer and ships were there , I guess someone ordered and was getting very could anyways , they have a scream showing what is going on on the patio I ask a guy and he told me ohhh welcome guys after 5 minutes we where there , lol and he said the only way you have to see the place is paying cuz is a private club and there is naked people is clothing optional so no pictures are alloud , I said ok sound good he actually said one of u can be my guest so only one will paid was only 8 dollars , I said great , we past the famous door and look at the real thing , the place over all is very clean and nice looking , buy the view I don't know if u take a sample of the pool weather and jacuzzi lol , I was very nice We got naked paid for towel ,and we walk-in to the swiming pool , we so two old guys in it , and like 3 tattoos piercing straight boys and a girl, almost empty we took a shower and got I the pool the two guys start playing, so they left and me and my boyfriend stay alone there we went to the jacuzzi and was so romantic so we star playing some more , this time only the two of us , and in a blink this blond guy 6 fit security it look like a delinquent came in the middle of no where and shake hands and said guys with and ironic smile , I just so u playing around and that is no permitted here , and I said ok I understand but there was not buddy to say so and was the first thing we so here, so ask him and how did u so us , and he answer back there is camaras everywhere , I just look at my boyfriend like what , and replay to him do u film people here naked , that is illegal and he simply said if u don't liked u can go ... Just like that I,m a tourist so I was confused for a minute is like u u to to sauna and they tape u , I got out there , went to the sauna to shower and go I star noticing cameras all over like in the sauna in the toilets , this people are sick , in my opinion that is wrong like in a clothing optimal place you can not have cameras taping people , I just fill raped there , so went we left the waiter ask me did u have fun , and said of course not u just filming people with out of letting them know and u said no pictures is this a joke or what , he answers back well there is now a days cameras is any business u go , ,,,,,, but not in a clothing optional place u morons , anyways he says the tape stay in the system for 3 years so I,m speting see me some where some day on the Internet playing around with my boyfriend in a hot top at the country club patio in new Orleans.