45F. Lonely, leo, lesbian, looking for a lover. I am stuck in the FTM capitol where femmes are not desired. It is a requirement for lesbians to admire/envy men here, if you don't you're untouchable.

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  • Doug Fir Southeast, Portland



  • Leona
    Leona reviewed Doug Fir Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Out Like That - event
    This is the one lesbian event to not be missed in PDX. It is the one time where everyone is in the mood to party and lower thier defenses. The upstairs rooms are busy. The music is better than I have ever experienced at a lesbian event. The vibe is great. This is a beautiful, well organized and classy event. Mel is an awesome vj/dj and it is largly because of her that this event came together. I wish that PDX's queer women with all of thier various identies could party like this all the time, but then the event shuts and disapears like a mirage. I also caught Bitch and Ferron playing at the Doug Fir. However, after the event, feminist lesbians vaporized. Never to be seen or heard from again.

  • Leona
    Leona reviewed Embers Avenue Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Violent Drag Queen
    I was with my girlfriend about 4 tables away from the stage. It seemed as if the drag queens were looking into my eyes when they sang. I was dressed in a beautiful retro dress, and my girlfriend and I were cuddling. Suddenly a drag queen lashed out and walked over to us so that the spotlight was on us. She took her sweatty dollars and shoved them down my bra, leaving scratch marks on my chest. She shouted at me that I earned them and to get out of her club. I complained to management about the assault. They knew who the person was and they refunded my girlfriends and my money. I felt like calling the police, but I have seen Stonewall and did not want to start trouble there. I am still traumatised by the assault and now avoid the place.