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  • West Side Club Chelsea, New York
  • East Side Club Inc. East Side, New York
  • Industry Bar Hell's Kitchen, New York


  • Lascivious
    Lascivious reviewed The Link Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Double Check Before You Go
    Make sure if you want to see strippers or a drag show that you call first to make sure they are having a show. Just because they advertise "gogo boys on Tuesday and Friday" or drag shows doesn't mean they will have any.

  • Lascivious
    Lascivious reviewed West Side Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    East Side West Side Both Equal Waste Of $$
    Again, $40 to get into this place. It is NOT a bathhouse even though when you call them they like to use that term. It is nothing more than a sex club and like it's twin... not a very good one. Just a bunch of rooms and hallways to walk. The owners of these two clubs really need to visit a real bathhouse. Save your money and take a trip on the Amtrak to Montreal. It is so sad that NYC has so much gay population and they don't have a real bathhouse. This place is not clean and so not worth the money spent.

  • Lascivious
    Lascivious reviewed Industry Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Okay Bar But Small
    I am probably going to make some people mad by giving this club a 3 Star rating. However, let me explain... The bar has great things going for it: 1. Location (The new gay area, Hells Kitchen) 2. Cute boys and attracts the twenty - thirty yo crowd 3. Drinks are reasonable compared to other bars/clubs. So why the 3 stars? Well once you enter the bar, you walk into a "cluster". Too many people trying to stand in a small area and blocking the bar area. They aren't ordering drinks....just standing in the way. People literally have to force themselves through the crowd of people. The back area/dance floor is nice but again for the number of people too small. I would suggest taking the seating area out and make the whole back room a dance floor. The bar should be on the other side of the walls where they currently have sofas. The little coat check needs to go someplace else maybe between the entrance doors to open up additional space for sitting and/or standing. Of course these are just what I felt... Some people may like the "cluster". Anyway, I ask myself this question, if they were to take this bar out of the Hells Kitchen area would I go. The answer to that is probably not. So it is good that they have this location so they can feed off the Hells Kitchen traffic but if the time come that it is no longer in the "hot gay area"... I don't think I would miss going to it.

  • Lascivious
    Lascivious reviewed East Side Club Inc. Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Save your time and money!
    First, lets be clear that this is NOT a bathhouse. It is a sex club and not a good one at that. There are no features to this establishment. You pay $40 to get into it and get a room and towel. Then you just walk around to see who is there and have sex. No hot tubs, no steam room, no pool, no video rooms, glory holes, etc... just rooms. Oh, they do have an old steam room that has a sign on it that it was closed by the health department and looks like it has been closed for YEARS. There was a somewhat working sauna next to it although it was very small and had a foul odor. It too looks like they had to close it down at one point as the door is in disrepair. It is no wonder that the "younger crown" that they are trying to attract doesn't come here. There is NOTHING here for them. The majority of the guys here were I would say mid-40's and above. You may have had a few in their 30's but nobody younger than 30 when I was there. I am not sure what the laws are in NYC but if they ever open a bathhouse... a real one, it would close this place down. Anyway, it was a total waste of $40 unless you just need a cheap place to sleep for a couple of hours and can't afford the hotel prices.