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    LEGIONOFONE reviewed Blue Moon
    Over a year ago

    Bad news for the Blue Moon

    Yes the Blue Moon is the longest surviving gay bar in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. But one would think that the owners are still stuck in the early 80's. I am a disabled HIV positive gay man who is fortunate enough to have a service dog a Boxer who alerts me to an oncoming seizure. I was at the Blue Moon one evening on the patio with my service dog and one of the owners who was drunk began to yell at me and told me I quote " Get you filthy dog off my patio. I don't give a fuck if you have AIDS you are not welcome at my bar. There is so much wrong with the entire situation . number one I have HIV not AIDS. The American Disabilities Act allows me to bring my service dog anywhere the public is allowed to go. And for a GAY bar to discriminate against me as a person with HIV in the year 2012 is just outrageous. There is also another bar here called AQUA that also told me that they do not allow service dogs in there bar. Folks this is the most La La land of a beach town I have ever seen. They want to not think or talk about HIV or AIDS and ruin your time in there little Peyton Place. Don't waste your time or money at either place. If anything spread the news to your friends about the discrimination HIV positive people will face in Rehoboth Beach Del;aware.