Nick B, 51M. Easy going. Open minded. Love travelling by myself or in groups. Adventurous. Curious and slightly daring. I like luxuries, but don't mind roughing it either (all part of the adventurous side of me). Very sexual. Love male company of all ages.

Auckland, New Zealand
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  • Sitges Buenos Aires Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires
  • Amerika Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires


  • Kiwi_Guy
    Kiwi_Guy reviewed Sitges Buenos Aires Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Two nights: lots of fun
    $60 pesos entry with free drinks all night. Had a whole lot of fun. Good mixed crowd. Lots of cruising. A bit crowded at times making access to the bar a bit difficult. Mostly locals, but bumped into a few tourists (English speaking). No pretense. Good location and easy to find. Definitely recommend as a start to your night out. Club Amerika is just accross the street and up one block so combined these two bars make an excellent location for truly fun-filled night out. Enjoy!! :) A

  • Kiwi_Guy
    Kiwi_Guy reviewed Contramano Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Hmmm... Okay
    Probably would que at the door to get in

  • Kiwi_Guy
    Kiwi_Guy reviewed Amerika Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Place: Interesting People
    Other than the very late starting time (which is normal for BA clubs), I had a blast both nights I went to this club. I went on a Friday night. Entrance was $80 pesos (about US $20) and ALL the drinks on their 'special list' were free. I drank rum/coke. Make sure you tip the bartenders well... They remember you and will look after you. Good music both nights. It does get quite crowded quickly. If you smoke, the bathrooms were unofficially 'accepted' for this activity, and to cruise. A wide range of ages for everyone's taste. I wouldn't say it's the 'biggest' club I've ever been to, but certainly has an energy off the walls. Highly recommend it. Reasonably safe location. Good staff. Good value for money. A