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  • All Worlds Resort Warm Sands, Palm Springs


  • Kevaroo
    Kevaroo reviewed All Worlds Resort Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Avoid at all costs!
    Don't be fooled by the praise comments and star ratings. It's an obvious ploy by the owner to combat the negative feedback. Check out the horror stories on tripadvisor. The owner bans anyone for the slightest reason and flies into fits of rage. I was at the receiving end for informing him the shower wasn't working and the toilet didn't flush properly. Banned me and called cops. Crazy! Food out later this is a common theme. Beware!

  • Kevaroo
    Kevaroo reviewed The Midnight Shift Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Disgusting security, beware.
    I heard before how a friend of mine was thrown out of the bar because he tripped up the stairs. Regardless of being the designated driver and sober, he was thrown out by a security guard because that is his prerogative. Last night I went out and my other half and I were thrown out. Not because of drunkenness or causing a scene or problem. A security approached us and said we had too much expression on our face and he deemed that we were not fit to be in the bar. We asked to speak to the manager to get some common sense injected into the situation. Alas, he sides with the security and said it is their right to throw anyone out for whatever reason. Absolutely crazy. We will never go back again and implore others to avoid to perhaps send a message that this kind of treatment by these foreign, straight security guards will not be tolerated.