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  • CCBC Resort Hotel Cathedral City, Cathedral City
  • The Club Columbus University District, Columbus
  • Steamworks Boystown, Chicago
  • FLEX Spas Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland
  • All Worlds Resort Warm Sands, Palm Springs


  • Kentdancer
    Kentdancer reviewed All Worlds Resort Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not fun on a guest pass.....
    Went here Feb 22, Friday 3PM. Cost 25 bucks and could stay till 5AM. Apparently, the visitors come around noon and stay \till around 3 or 4 when the sun starts going down and it gets chilly real fast. I didn't see any "hot" men coming or going. The play room was mostly freaks and out of shape, not too manly, men. One standout guy was cute and hung, but a drunken mess. This place may be fun at times, probably when it's warm at night and during the peak sunbathing by the pool times. But it's not a place I would frequent.

  • Kentdancer
    Kentdancer reviewed CCBC Resort Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Lots of over 70 men
    Entered on a visitors pass, Saturday, Feb 23, around 1PM and stayed till around 6PM, when it got dark and cold. Were about 50 men there, mostly out of shape, under hung and over 65 types. They had plenty of slings and play zones, but no hotties. I was fortunate enough to find one visiting hung top from S. California. We both agreed that if not for each other, the visit would have been a waste.

  • Kentdancer
    Kentdancer reviewed FLEX Spas Cleveland Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not much action
    I had a lot of fun here once and only once. Not enough men go here and certainly not many in shape men. However, I have been to the FLEX in LA and the Cleveland FLEX is much bigger and better. The LA Club has no glory holes or sling, not enough parking(got a $90 dollar parking ticket here), it's much smaller and the gym is dark and dated. The men generally were not hot and I didn't see much action. There are NO clubs in S. CA that offer one stop shopping now.

  • Kentdancer
    Kentdancer reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
    Hates it

    An objective viewpoint
    Just visited Steamworks in Chicago on Friday, June 18 and Sat June 20, 2010. Spent 8 hours there each night. The place is located on a vibrant, narrow, two way street in an historic commercial and residential area. The area appeared well kept, mostly white and upscale. Steamworks itself was mostly inconspicuous on the exterior. Inside, there are 3 floors. The first floor has an irregularly designed wet area, including a steam maze. Most of the activity occurs on the second and third floors, where there are many private rooms, multiple glory hole areas and an over abundance of mirrors everywhere, which lend the place a "fun house" feel. There were plenty of men there. About 1/3 were minorities - black, hispanic and Asian. Almost everyone had an average build and almost everyone seemed to be into oral exclusively. Thus, being an eager, buff bottom, I didn't make much headway. Not that I'm that selective, but I couldn't get anyone to fuck me in the glory booths all through Saturday night. There are new condoms in the booths, and in many places scattered throughout the place, but this didn't seem to increase anyone's interest in fucking. Overall, the place is clean, dimly lit and a maze of narrow hallways and glory hole areas. Throbbing, generic music can be heard nonstop. If you have an average build and are into oral, this is probably a great place for you. I was hoping to see more clean cut, worked, professional types, but I didn't.

  • Kentdancer
    Kentdancer reviewed The Club Columbus Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Gone down hill fast!!!
    Went here Sept. 19, 2014, a Saturday night and the place was nearly dead. Prices have increased and time allowances have gone down. Place was still too cold to prance around naked. Totally new staff. It's too bad this place is poised to close too.