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  • Worthington Guest House Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale


  • Jvcaudil
    Jvcaudil reviewed Worthington Guest House Over a year ago
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    poor customer service
    This place can be a lot of fun depending on the staff that is working. A few seem to be on a power trip and using very poor judgment when it come to enforcing hotel policies. For example, on Labor Day evening at 10:15 my friends and I were sitting by the pool playing cards while listening to a wonderful Pink ballade on my iPhone at a respectable level. The hotel attendant came out and told me to "turn off my music". While all the people in my party were baffled at his request I acquiesced. When another member of our party asked the hotel attendant to justify his request his response was "It is hotel policy that after 10pm that all music be off!" Since this was our forth night at the hotel and our first time hearing this, I then asked him to supply the the written policy that stated this or to point us in the direction of the posted sign that had the music policy listed. He could not and began to feel very threatened by our line of questioning. He then felt the only option he had was to threaten to throw us out!...for playing music on my cellphone...and then asking for him to justify his request with proof of policy?!?! Not one of us cursed at him or were threatening to him. In all fairness if he could have supplied me with any justification I would not feel so compelled to write this post. That's fine! I spent close to $1000 to be here and I will be happy to never return. It's sad when you pay so much for a world class resort and get better respect for your business at motel 6.