Jacob Peck, 42.

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    Jpeckstl reviewed Woof's
    Over a year ago

    Ok, but needs improvement.

    It was ok. We got there kind of early on a Thursday night, but we needed to get more money because they don't accept cards. They did have an ATM in the back behind the bar, but it's ancient, and needs to be upgraded for the chip reader soon (This coming from an ATM owner). The ATM kept throwing network errors and the bartender seemed aware but said the owner did not want to do anything about fixing it. So the bartender suggested we go next door and use their ATM. I am sorry, but I am not going next door to use an ATM and then come back. I am there, I want to stay there, so when we left, we left. We wanted to stay, but apparently they don't care enough to do what it takes to ensure people stay in the bar.