Fredericton, Canada
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    Jonnybubbles reviewed Stock Bar
    Over a year ago

    All around horrible

    This bar has a complete and utter thumbs down!! The cover was $5 each and you are pressured into buying a drink within minutes of entering the establishment. Completely abrupt and prudish staff. They are completely in your face and money hungry. For one Beer and a simple cosmopolitan the price tag was a whopping $18 and two Smirnoff ice came to $15. The ATM has a $4 surcharge for using it. Extremely aggressive with tipping and if you don't tip as much as they expect you should tip for their sh!tty service they act offended as though they actually deserved it. Extremely cocky and I DO NOT recomend this strip bar to anyone ever. If I could give them a negative rating I feel that I would be in my rights to.