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  • Chemistry Nightclub Downtown Greensboro, Greensboro


  • JohnDoe1990
    JohnDoe1990 reviewed Chemistry Nightclub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I am almost sure this will be deleted for speaking my piece...
    Yet again another broke "club" (I use the term "club" loosely) trying it's hardest to be something it's not. The stage is tiny, I mean microscopic! It's funny to watch the entertainment (if that's what you want to call whomever they could get at the last minute, and nothing attractive) to shake skinny assless men in wal-mart underwear for your entertainment. I could not think of a more waste of money than Chemistry Nightclub. The employees are rude as hell and show their customers no respect, they expect you to pay top dollar for watered down drinks in tacky cups. Now about the music and it's "DJ", I had to laugh when I heard two month old music played through an atrocious sound system. No one dances, maybe that's because there is no dance floor to speak of. I mean really no dance floor in a gay club? What the hell is that about? The DJ couldn't know less about music, he was a joke. If you're into men older than dirt and guy's who think they could grace the cover of QG but couldn't cover dog shit from the bottom of my shoe then this is the place for you. The toilets are more loose than a gay hookers butt hole on a Friday night in downtown L.A. It's literally a game of chance to enter the whore hole they call a bathroom. If you want to waste your time and money then Chemistry Nightclub is the place for you. This place is fake, it's a mirage, spend the extra money and time in Charlotte it's a much, much better investment. Trust me!