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    James reviewed Bar Taboo
    Over a year ago

    An ok bar with some nice-looking strippers

    I moved to Montreal from Halifax 3 months ago and I went to Taboo twice this month.Most of the dancers were far too young-looking ----however,I liked the fact that 6 of the 8 dancers spoke to said they were openly gay or bisexual.Taboo should hire older dancers too----I liked two very good-looking dancers called Dominic and Mathieu.Dominic was very good-looking but did not strip naked in either of the two dances he did on stage.He lowered his jeans to show his ass,but never removed them and never showed his genitalia to anyone.By contrast,all other dancers did get nude on stage.It was a surprise.Taboo could be improved by hiring many older dancers too---there should be no age limit as long as dancers seem young.Campus and Stock have dancers that are too muscular.