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  • JKB
    JKB reviewed Sircuit Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The staff was friendly but the place was boring and dead. The drinks are watered down and outrageous expensive. Stick with beer.

  • JKB
    JKB reviewed SX Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Pay Attention
    I rarely write, if ever, reviews. I write NOW. Ive been coming to San Juan for 15 years. Im gay . Proud. Hot. This place is awesome. I know the owner. It was Eagle. It was a tough format for a fickle at times but strong gay scene. Now- if you are coming to San Juan with your gay tribe- and giggle as someone "does it"-ie put a sad dollar in a strippers jockstrap while you all talk about the cover charge (5.00)-discuss the options ahead of time. If you are a man , dont mind younger-but beyond hot strippers-super cute-super nice-and a local crowd -this is for you. If single-better. Finally- do NOT insult the locals by showing again a dollar as you try to "get a feel" which here is quite extensive. Be a man- drop FIVE. Have Fun. And ignore every stupid queen review ahead. Every one.