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    The Real Scoop on Swinging Richards
    Hello to all, my name is JJ and I am one of the DJ’s at Swinging Richards. The nights I work are Tues, Fri, and Sat After reading many of your reviews, first, I feel the need to thank many of you. Swinging Richards is constantly trying to improve itself to meet the needs and wants of its clientele. We appreciate the feedback on all levels. I am writing this because I feel you, the reader, may be being misled by some of the other people who have written reviews. So I am here to help set the record straight. First let’s start with the Ladies. Ladies we apologize that you are not allowed to come into the bar because you dress like you walk the streets for a living. We have had issues with ladies, and some of our “Straight” dancers, being a little friendlier in a public establishment than they should be. We have had to let good guys go because of this sort of behavior, so, no ladies, we no longer wish to sacrifice good men who may think with the wrong head from time to time. If you would like to be guaranteed access to Swinging Richards, then I have one word for you ̶̶ “PANTS”. If you wear pants then we will not deny you entry. Please remember Swinging Richards is a GAY establishment and even though you are allowed to enter the establishment you are not our target audience. Sorry ladies. Please remember when you come into Swinging Richards to keep the following in mind. 1) Do not scream or yell. Not only is it rude it is also distracting and obnoxious behavior. Men do not go into female strip clubs screaming and hollering at the women so we please ask you extend us the same courtesy. We are the real deal and it is not like you see in the movies. 2) Do not dance. If the patrons at Swinging Richards wanted to watch women dance then they would not come to Swinging Richards. If you would like to dance ladies, the Diamond Club down the street will always be happy to accept your application. 3) Please remember to tip. Time after time I have witnessed groups of ladies sit in the audience and not tip. That is why I say the things I say. Nobody in Swinging Richards expects any of its patrons to throw money around like it doesn’t matter but we do expect you to participate. So my advice to you ladies is take at least a $20 and turn it into singles and tip the guys you like a dollar at a time. Nobody expects VIP’s or even table dances from you, but if you are going to come in and take up space, at least tip. Alright Gentlemen it is now your turn. Time and again I have read, and even seen firsthand, patrons say that a dancer drug them into a VIP room or overcharged them for table dances. So let me say this: Nobody can make you do something you are not willing to do on your own. If you ever experience aggressive dancers then we ask you to bring it to our attention and management will handle it. With that being said, here is the breakdown on how it all works so there is zero room for misunderstandings. 1) Parking in the Swinging Richards lot is $3 per vehicle. 2) Cover throughout the week is as follows. a. No cover before 8pm. b. After 8pm Tues, Wed, and Thurs $5.00 per person c. Fri and Sat $10 per person d. Bring a VALID State or Government or government issued ID or Passport e. Active Military Gets in for Free 3) Cocktails are large and strong and priced according to the liquor of your choice. The same goes for bottled beer and specialty shots. 4) We do not accept credit cards at the front door so bring cash or you will find yourself paying our ATM fee. 5) The ATM fee is $4.50 6) Table Dances in the front of the bar are $10 per song 7) Table Dances in the VIP lounge are $20 per song (Dances are always better in VIP) 8) Entrance into the VIP Lounge is $10 for the wristband and it allows you access all night. 9) Private VIP ROOMS. (ALL VIP ROOMS CHARGED TO A CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED A 10% SERVICE FEE. This is a standard practice at all strip clubs in Atlanta) a. 15 minute rooms = $140. $40 for the room fee and $100 for the dancer. b. 30 minute rooms = $265. $65 for the room fee and $200 for the dancer. c. 1 hour rooms = $525. $125 for the room fee and $400 for the dancer. The $125 room fee includes a free bottle of champagne. Please remember gentlemen, Swinging Richards is not a brothel and we do not tolerate nor allow prostitution of any kind inside the establishment. If you are doing table dances with a dancer please remember to keep track of how many songs you have done. My best advice for you is to pay as you go or pay in advance. If you are uncomfortable with what is taking place, then please do not be afraid to speak up. On a side note, for the gentleman who posted “The DJ's are totally obnoxious, one even said if you only tip a $1 on stage, go home (yes, he said that)” you may need to have your hearing checked. What I say is “If you cannot afford to tip a dollar bill then you should go home now.” or “If you cannot afford to tip a dollar then you are in the wrong bar.” Sorry Tallswimmeratl it is the truth. I am glad when I see people engaging the dancers not only does it make them dance more it improves the show and I get to talk less. Swinging Richards aims to please its patrons and we are always working to improve the quality of the show and the customer’s experience. Have a great day guys. We look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it clears up some questions.