59M. Single guy always looking for fun and adventure. Love boating, skiing, camping, and Canadian Hockey. A night of fun on the town or a quiet evening with a bottle of good wine and a special friend are both nights of delight for me. I am real, personable, and above all have a lot of love to give.

Portland, Maine
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  • Campus Danseurs nus The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Stock Bar The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • dbar Out of town, Boston


    INDBUILT reviewed Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Could use some improvement for sure ...
    After visiting some Eagle bars, as most towns have them, I found that Boston was a shocking Eagle`s representation. The bar was not in usually Eagle`s decorum. I am usually very fair with reviews and only take account of what I see personally. Eagles Boston needs to be cleaned up, shaped up and decorated. Leather is great, but who wants dirty and dingy ... just my opinion ... I will probably go back again, as I am a great Eagle bar fan in general, but this one is lacking ... hopefully the next time you will blow my jock off with the changes!!!

    INDBUILT reviewed dbar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Sumwhat nice, but could use some help perhaps.
    I believe Dbar is an ok place to go with a friend or a special someone. VERY unfriendly staff we found, and perhaps not the greatest attitudes. We were treated ok, but the staff did not extend themselves at all, and seemed in their own world. Perhaps an off night, or they thought we were not Upper Clientele ... of course we didn`t take our IRS recipts ... haha. Would go back and visit again ... things can always change.

    INDBUILT reviewed Campus Danseurs nus Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great time, and AWESOME GUYS!!!
    Having travelled to many countries and seeing many performers, I have to say the Guys at Campus are top notch, polite and non agressive, but make you want them!!! From shy winks and flirty gestures to serious chat and open affection, these guys are either very well trained, or they are picked by an awesome screener. I would not hesitate to recommend this club to any of my friends or associates. I visited purposely in early afternoon and late night with a friend from San Francisco and the atmosphere was always accomadating, polite, genuine care, and of course sexy as hell! My friend said, `if only bars were this sexy in San Francisco`. Private dances were fun, and VERY accomidating for me. Of course we all have our favs. and I have to say there is one that I want to mention, as he stood from the rest to me, and HE WAS HOT!!! If any of you reading this know the place well, his stagename even rhymes with HOT ... LOL. Off course, I will be back ... Scott the Hottie!!!

    INDBUILT reviewed Stock Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Comfortable Sums it...
    Visiting Stock Bar for the first time was a pleasant experience. Did not leave excited, or elated, but had a good time. The Bartender-Host-Waiter was a treat!!! He was more affectionate, caring, and displayed more genuine hospitality than the dancers in our opinion. I believe his name was Rob or Rod ... he would be a good trainer for the others in my opinion. A friend from California was visiting with me, and he was not impressed. I feel overall, the music was good, the crowd was pleasant and excited, the establishment was clean, neat and well appointed ... special koodos to the decorator. To sum this rating up ... Great Waiter and cute as a tiger! ... for the rest, you will have to check it out yourself. I wil check it out again ... every one and every place needs a second chance, unless it is hopeless ... BTW ... the dancers were hot and built, just couldn`t put their cell phones away long enough on the floor to entertain guests.