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51M. HI men,I like 2 meet new HOT MEN! I'm a talkative,friendly & decent guy. I Like almost everyone,just decent guys is all I want. Like fun & 2 laugh, do fun stuff. wanna meet GL hot new guys. The basics: any STUD will do! I like being "on the edge" w sex. HOT,FUN & sort of "Kinky" stuff. luv lots of stuff sexually-I'll try most anythin. write me & I'll let ya kno more. I think: All Guys are their own way,so tell me bout yourself U STUD! Thx Buddy!

Boston, Massachusetts
Joined Jan 2009
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  • The Alley Downtown/North End, Boston
  • Eagle South End, Boston



  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed 12th Street Gay Beach Over a year ago
    Loves it

    So. Beach is HOT w TONS of HOT guys, nice beach, sun & fun all around
    At So Beach DON'T put your head down & close your eyes! Too much to see wink wink, and the sand is soft/white, water/waves are great & people are all around havin fun. It's a great place for beach lovers & people who like the whole scene of the beach life, from beach bums to everything else..awesome..

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Boring until late..then cool 2 hook up if U want..
    Hey, I was not impressed earlier in the eve, but later at night, it was fun. So, the place is good & bad like anything else. I like that it gets crowded late & you can hook up if you want. It's not a place where you have to go with friends. There are enough people to be able to find someone to talk to about something.

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Akbar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Soo Cool
    Yup, tits as all hell. you got it dude.. This place was a blast !! HOTTTT Guys. thought I went 2 heaven, for a few hours anyway!!

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Purgatory (at Gifford House) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Hey, if people think this is too rough, that is news to me. Just walk the streets of any major city, that is much more rough & risky than this club. I love this place, hot fun, can feel a bit crowded or maybe like you're in a basement but that is because YOU ARE in a basement..Of the gifford house..BUT it's not gross, it's fine, just plain good fun if you don't mind hanging with everyday people & being in a club that isn't "over the top" with exceptional decor. There's no need for that..just look at the men & you'll think you're in "crotch heaven" focus on the bulges guys..really, it's a fun place!

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Macho Bar (upstairs at the Atlantic House) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Awesome fun
    This place is always packed with studs. I never went there without it being crowded by either hot sexy studs or really nice guys that are so easy to "bump" into. I love the hot hot hot video's..what a turn on, bartenders are sexy & shirtless, but can have that "fuck off" attitude which sucks. Otherwise I always hit this spot when there, every time. Gotta check it out.

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Porchside Bar (at Gifford House) Over a year ago
    Hates it

    OK for some laid back fun-drinks
    I like this place if you start here before going to the other places. It's pretty much low-key, nice but not exciting. You can meet guys but they are usually 40 yo or so, although younger ones go there they are always with friends for a drink or two & split for more fun elsewhere. There is a lesbo area too, so the women like that, but men as we know wanna be with MEN.

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Atlantic House Dance Club (A-House) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Luv this HOT SPOT
    This place ROCKS. Downstiars during day, and night time is a regular neighborhood bar. Awesome atmosphere in winter w a huge fireplace roaring,regular great guys & music, bartenders are awesome. Later, upstairs is the video bar- HOTT MEN video's non-stop. Plus- on the other end is a HUGE dance club, HOT as HELL. If you don't get all horney as hell with all this action..well, see your doctor...IT ROCKS!

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed Circus Disco Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Ya think>?? lot's of places to play??
    Geez, I think that it's correct Lot's of places tom play, and get off if you'd like.. Kinda cool. fun, sexy guys, chasin my ass everywhere, so ..ya guess i liked it OK!!!

  • Hunkman.leatherbound
    Hunkman.leatherbound reviewed The Alley Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cool Place..hang out guys!
    I like the alley. Hey, it's cool casual men stuff. What do gay men want, just that cool casual men stuff.Talking, whatever, nothing extradinary but that is just fine. I think it is anyway..