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  • Roscoe's Tavern Northalsted, Chicago
  • The Closet Northalsted, Chicago
  • Camp Bar and Cabaret St. Paul, St Paul
  • Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace Northalsted, Chicago
  • Angelina Ristorante Northalsted, Chicago
  • Steamworks Baths Chicago Northalsted, Chicago


  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Camp Bar and Cabaret Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best gay bar in the twin cities.
    If you're visiting the twin cities for nightlife, there isn't much in Saint Paul, but Camp is THE reason to travel east of the river. Free streetside parking during most hours isn't a challenge and there are several nearby ramps with affordable nighttime rates. Several bus routes also border Camp. Camp opened in 2007 and has a courteous staff in a two-room arrangement with a small dancefloor in the back as well as a main bar with LCD monitors displaying video to match the music played by DJs. Cabaret-style theatre entertainment events occur regularly and can be found on their website. Signature cocktails will run about $7 each and are made with high quality ingredients--often hand-muddled fresh fruits and lines aren't long to get drinks. Bottled and tap beer choices are limited but quite reasonably priced. Small couch sitting area for conversation as well as a few high tables in the main bar for small parties. Billiards and a few video games in the back bar and a "VIP lounge" in the rear back bar are often available. Mixed crowd--roughly 75% men and ages vary from mid twenties and upwards (mostly 30's). A great place to be a regular or simply visit and truly well done decor--you'll be quite amazed at how clean the bar is kept too and I've yet to suffer being served in a plastic cup! A few of my favorite bartenders have left but the management and owners continue to find talented mixologists to offer hospitable service with an attractive smile.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Great atmosphere, nicely prepared, lacking flavor
    The much hyped Uptown Cafeteria (and Support Group) is a great addition to Calhoun Square in it's long-lasting renovation. Great drink specials during sports events are offered only in the bar to keep booths and tables open for those ordering off the menu. Comfort food has a kitchy appeal and is served with a keen eye to detail, but the taste falls flat and prices are a bit higher than what is expected for the quality of food. The service is timely and atmosphere is a must-see and I'd return to experience it again, but likely only for happy hour or during the summer to have a smootie (quite good) when the first floor is open to the air.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Angelina Ristorante Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cozy atmosphere and traditional italian.
    Reasonable prices ($15-$20/entree) and a menu where "everything's good" served by seasoned staff is a great and reliable choice for a traditional italian dinner in Boystown. Many of the components of the entreees are made-from-scratch, including a few of their pastas. Caesar salad is quite authentic with anchovy on top as well as homemade croutons and dressing. Reccomended by our concierge, we received a free slice of Tiramisu (non-alcohol recipe. lightly soaked in espresso). Locally owned and managed for two generations (the daughter/current manager was at the adjacent table, and the surrealist portrait in the second dining room above the server's station is her mother), this is a great little date place or even good for a family gathering. I didn't study the wine list, but my glance revealed many italian style wines at the top for about $9+ per glass, or $30+ for a bottle. The pasta was prepared a bit soft for my taste--if you prefer al dente, I suggest you inform your server when ordering to accomodate the chef's style.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Steamworks Baths Chicago Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very clean, great location, and well-known
    (First bathhouse visit.) Men's only facility (run as a private club) Near the Halstead street bars, Steamworks is a four-story bathhouse with nearby parking (referral discount for Steamworks guests) and close to transit. For a one-time visit you can expect to pay about $22. A valid photo ID is required for entry and entry includes a month's membership as well as complimentary towel service and locker key. (Rooms are extra, available rental in four-hour blocks) Main floor features a spacious whirlpool (easily holds over 20 men), menthol steam room, and small dry sauna as well as public showers. Several locker rooms on two stories, fully equipped gym, and other dry saunas throughout the facility. Benches and tables scattered throughout the "lobbies" on each floor near the central stairs. Secluded corners, public sex rooms, slings, LCD monitors with XXX features, and glory hole stalls are on specified floors. Two free internet kiosks on third floor. Vending with sexual supplies, candy, snacks, energy drinks, etc. on first floor with tables. No alcohol on site as well as a strictly enforced no-drug policy makes this a safe atmosphere. Complimentary lubricated and unlubricated condoms available in corridors about every 100 feet. Voyeurs can enjoy as well as those who actively cruise the facility. Don't miss the steam room--especially on a cold day--adjacent showers have excellent pressure and temperature selectrol.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed The Closet Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Small Pub--great for going local.
    The Closet is a small bar on Broadway--parallel to Halstead street. Mostly lesbians, but gets a healthy mix of the after-bar crowd from Halstead Street after midnight. Reasonably priced drinks and quiet enough to have a conversation/exchange numbers. No cover.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Roscoe's Tavern Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Popular Neighborhood Haunt
    Several room approach to a nightclub with generous dancefloor and very high bass music. Drinks are expensive (but in-line with Chicago) and the feel is urban/clubby but not massive--so conversation and meeting people is easily accomplished in bars off the dance floor. Coat-check available in cold weather (small fee) and easily accessible via transit and street/ramp parking nearby. Great shot specials--just ask your bartender and for faster service find one of the smaller bars in the back adjacent to the dance floor. Diverse crowd, mostly preppy types but no dress code. A great mid-night bar before your pre-party choice and closing time bar. Most cab drivers will know the bar by name--at the intersection of Halstead and Roscoe.

  • HometownQueer
    HometownQueer reviewed Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Can't beat the location, quality, cleanliness, and service!
    Take the Orange line north from either airport to Addison/Wrigley Field and you're about ten city blocks (four Chicago Blocks) from the Best Western Hawthorne Terrace. Fully renovated and expanded in 2009/2010, the decor is understated with a traditional lobby and complimentary breakfast. Be sure to save time to try the whirlpool and sauna--also renovated, they are kept impeccably clean and are both very soothing. Three blocks/One Chicago block from the Halstead street bars, about 500 feet from The Closet (lesbian/gay bar) and adjacent to a very affordable sushi and chinese restaurant. The desk staff know the area and are very helpful--with only 51 rooms and suites, they have the time to pay attention to their guests. Parking in the adjacent contract ramp is available as well. All rooms have microfridges, free WiFi, plush beds, opening windows, large closets, in-room safes, and complimentary bottled water. In my opinion, no better hotel at this value in Boystown/Wrigleyville.