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  • Body Zone Highland Park, Detroit


  • Hipster75
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    Dank & Dirty, Mostly Over 30
    seriously...who WRITES these idiotic reviews? Let's be realistic and take a look at the facility. It obviously was a warehouse or factory at some point and still looks like it. No renovations were made to make it any prettier. It's a one story brick industrial building surrounded by barbed wire at a rather questionable exit off of I-75. Once inside, it is very base and simple. It is a large dark building divided by a confusing labyrinth of hallways, questionable smells (mostly sweat , mold and marijuana), and men of lesser ilk. The "glory hole" room is a bathroom sized room divided by a wooden 'stall' wall painted black & with no lighting. The "hot tub" is an outdoor one that they hauled in & stuck into the loading dock area. The steam room had water issues this past week and sitting water was everywhere. It stunk horribly and you were walking in inches of water. The clientele was a mixed bag of strapping young hot muscled twinks, athletic 'frat boy' types. It was embarassing. The majority of the men did not have sex as they liked to stand and 'pose & model" for onlookers. The crowd levels were very odd to say the least. I had gone on Friday and it was packed full to maximum capacity even at 5am in the morning, but when I went this past Thursday at 11pm- there was perhaps 1 dozen or less men. There are zero amenities to speak of, but the staff was very friendly and accomodating- offering both advice and information on the local "scene" while maintaining as much professionalism as they could with this particular location. I "will" give them credit for instilling more themed events- hopefully to attract a higher standard crowd. Who knows what the future may hold for Body Zone? Something NEEDS to be done!