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  • Lucky's Tavern Strip District, Pittsburgh
  • HighlandParkClosetCase
    HighlandParkClosetCase reviewed Lucky's Tavern Over a year ago
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    Where Everybody Knows Your Name....
    I've always thought of Lucky's as a "Gay Cheers" because most of the people that come here- everyone really does know their names! Lucky's is the kind of bar that you can return to and has a friendlier-than-usual staff. I have seen many times where the staff have went out of their way to serve their patrons- unlike many gay bars in Pittsburgh. Anyone who gives Lucky's a thumbs down needs to stop by more than just one nite. I agree to some it may seem on the darker side but the place does grow on you. You never know who you will run into and it has a diverse crowd. I've been going to Lucky's since '99 and still drop by a few times a month, and I'm not a barfly... One thing I can say about this place: You can sit down beside a stranger and have a decent conversation and they don't act all stuck up like in many gay bars. Come as you are-- that's all the Lucky's crowd asks of anyone =)))