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  • Eagle Portland Northeast, Portland
  • Steamworks Seattle Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • Club Z Gay Baths Downtown, Seattle
  • Steam Portland Northeast, Portland
  • Hawks PDX Southeast, Portland


  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed Steamworks Seattle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Aloof Unfriendly Crowd
    Why do you go to a Gay Bathhouse? IS it to interact with other men in a positive and friendly way? If so, then this is NOT the bath for you. This facility is "Pretty", and very "high designer concept", but it is sadly lacking in real substance. There is no "heart" here. A stranger will not be made to feel welcome here. The general attitude here is one of "passive indifference". No one will be rude to you, but no one will make any effort to talk to you or make you feel welcome.. This applies to even very young very appealing men. I cannot recommend this bath to anyone until the attitude improves considerably IN this bath, it is rare to see two men actually interacting with each other - even to engage in a simple conversation. There is a lot of "silent brooding" going on here.

  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed Club Z Gay Baths Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best Bath Experience in the Northwest
    If you go to a Gay Bath House to actually meet men, then this is the place for you. The men who come here are by far the friendliest and most welcoming in the entire North West. Men over 22, and with a waist over 18 inches are still treated with respect and interest. You don't have to be a super model to make friends here. This is also the largest bath facility in the Northwest. Three floors of fun and activity. In most of the other bath houses in the region, a "room" is barely larger than a small closet. In this bath house even the smallest sized room is comfortable for a man of above average height.. As a tip, request the "Sling rooms" if they are available. Even if you never ever use a sling, these rooms are much more centrally located, so there is considerably more walk past traffic. And, Always ask for "the most centrally located room" which is still available when you check in.

  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed The Fox & Hound Over a year ago
    Hates it

    NIce Neighborhood Bar that Also Serves Good Food
    This is a clean and well managed neighborhood bar. The staff is friendly and professional. Strangers are made to feel welcome. While it is described as a bar, they also serve food. The menu is somewhat limited, but what they serve is very well prepared, and sold at reasonable prices. Their Halibut and chips is among the best I have ever had any where. This is the kind of place you could take out of town friends for a meal.

  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed Steam Portland Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Website seriously "Overstates" what is actually available
    I give the Website description of this property a 'Pants on Fire" rating. The actual bath house is NOTHING like the lavish description depicted on the web site. While this property is adequate as a bath house. Nothing is memorable. Nothing is unique. And while it promotes itself as the best bath house in town, it is actually the ONLY real bath house in the area. The rooms are very very small, but feature spaces big enough to actually lay down in them. The sanitation standards of the place are very high. Don't expect a lot of features or frills. This is about as "Generic" as a bath house can be. Very limited public areas. The "outdoor patio" is actually a small cramped area on the roof where the smokers can go.

  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed Hawks PDX Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Phone booth Sized Rooms. Indifferent Sanitation
    The actual bathhouse bears little similarity to the experience described on the web site. Potential visitors need to understand that this is not your typical bathhouse. The "rooms' if you can call them that, are substantially smaller than any other bath house you have ever been in. There is no place to even lay down in most of the private rooms. You rent a "room" and get a space slightly larger than a shower cubicle to stand up in. Next to it is a raised area about 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. The spaces are so incredibly cramped it is not physically possible for two human beings to do much in them. There are also no sheets on any of these little mattresses/pads - Since they are made out of textured vinyl, I wonder if it is even possible to effectively sanitize them between patrons.. I was there for what was called a "Sunday Afternoon Barbeque and Tea Dance". This consisted of a plate of discount burger patties, and a 2 pound container of potato salad. There was nothing else going on during this "special event". There are so many significant "Issues' with this property, I cannot recommend it to any potential guest. There is not even a hot tub in this "bath house".

  • HarleyDaddy
    HarleyDaddy reviewed Eagle Portland Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Sad and Seedy. I am Surprised it is Still in Business
    The Management of this bar need a serious "Reality Check". Despite how they promote themselves, this is NOT a "leather Bar", nor is lit a particularly "Masculine Bar". This is a sad run down little neighborhood bar that is very poorly managed. I have been to the place about a dozen times over the past 18 months. I have seen no evidence of "Leather" or "Leather Crowd".. While it positions itself as a "Masculine bar", I have seen no evidence of this. It appears to be a very low end little neighborhood bar which has seen better days. The patrons appear to be very unfriendly. There is not a lot of talking, no sense of fellowship one would normally find in a neighborhood bar. There is just a lot of silent brooding. The bar is located well outside of the downtown area, takes quite an effor t to find it. It is not worth the trip. Stay in the downtown core and patronize those bars I know this review seems harsh, but the Management of this property need to ACCURATELY describe the type of experience you will find at this bar.". I