George Powell, 69M. Retired professional engineer, enjoys fitness, film, food, motorcycling, travel and the company of other intelligent men!

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  • C J's Leather Downtown, Denver


  • Florianopolis 33 Listings


  • GeoPowell
    GeoPowell reviewed Villa Rainbow Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My favorite gay resort and Caribbean island
    I started going to Villa Rainbow in 2009. It is my favorite gay resort. I love the variety of St Martin. 32 beaches, rural atmosphere on the French side with wonderful small French restaurants, The Dutch side offers all the shopping and tourist services of a port like Nassau. Marci's gym is a great place to work out. Have a few artsy gifts to share with Chris if you like his hospitality as much as I do.

  • GeoPowell
    GeoPowell reviewed C J's Leather Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love my collar!
    All the best handmade leather stuff and its cool to get to know the craftsman and see it made!

  • GeoPowell
    GeoPowell reviewed Zippers Over a year ago
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    Hunky Dancers!
    Dancers are much more manly and muscular than the boys next door. Its always fun to spend part of the evening talking to the boss!

  • GeoPowell
    GeoPowell reviewed BJ's NXS Over a year ago
    Loves it

    These boys know how to dance!
    The boys here are slimmer and younger than the men next door, but brothers, they can dance! Very Hot, very Entertaining!