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  • Casita Del Campo Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • Feelingrandy
    Feelingrandy reviewed Grub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Grub: Little House of Charm in Hollywood
    Converting an old house into a restaurant is not a new or novel concept, but at Grub, located literally in the heart of Hollywood, it is charming. The hardwood floors creak and the patio is small, but the food is California comfort and that is comforting. On the morning we we there, Dustin Lance Black (Milk screenwriter) strolled in which is not unusual, this is where the characters in HBO\'s Entourage often meet. The brunch menu features a French toast that is made with a croissant dipped in Cinnamon Vanilla batter and toasted to perfection as it is served with Maple Syrup, Pecans, Raspberry Butter and Seasonal Fresh Fruit. Nice way to end a weekend.

  • Feelingrandy
    Feelingrandy reviewed Casita Del Campo Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Casita Del Campo: Great Ambiance, Food is OK
    There is an old school charm at Casita Del Campo located in Silverlake. The decor is strictly Tijuana with velvet paintings and amber lights set against wood grain booths. The place is fun. It used to more fun when they had entertainment in the side room such as Rudy De La Mor, but there is still an air, a festive ambiance that manages to stay afloat here. The worst mistake in a long time was raising the prices. It's simply not worth it. The food has always been a bland stew of traditional Mexican dishes. Nothing particularly shines. And with great irony, the prices of the drinks went up as the glasses got smaller

  • Feelingrandy
    Feelingrandy reviewed El Conquistador Over a year ago
    Loves it

    El Conquistador: Where the Fun Begins
    What irony-Los Angeles, a town with a large Hispanic population is host to very few good Mexican restaurants. But travel east towards downtown and you will El Conquistador. One imagines seeing Pee Wee Herman eating here. There's joyful innocence in the bright, gleaming decor, that seems championed by the good natured waiters here. As has been established already: the drinks are great, big and don't require many. The food: The Halibut is stunning, some mole dishes are excellent. This may be located on the most interesting strip of Sunset Blvd., in Silverlake. You have a Japanese, Indian and Mexican restaurant in a virtual row. Of the three, EC is certainly the most fun.