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    Fakeem reviewed Voyeur Nightclub
    4 months ago

    One and only time there

    Great dancing crowd, but somewhat unprofessional in the running of the spot. The sound system was horrible. Now I understand what they mean when they complain about the "house music Boom Boom Boom". Over an hour after opening, the employees are moving furniture off the dance floor so more people could dance. That should have been done before opening, or they should have opened the other floors, considering how large the crowd was. On the door front, I was carded [ i'm black ] but I noticed that none of the whites that were entering as I left were being carded. Really? It's not the 1950's! Stop the madness... If I didn't know this was a gay club, the mirrors in the men's room that made it easy to see everything at urinals, was a dead giveaway. Doubt I will ever go back, and I was actually stoked to go there after what I had heard and read about the place.

    Fakeem reviewed Woody's
    Over a year ago

    Is this all Philly has to offer people blacks?

    I went there 3 times in a month. The first time I was treated like an adult because I happened to come in with an employee and the doorman saw that we knew each other. The next 2 times I came alone. I was treated like Rosa Parks. Even though i'm an adult and pass for straight and look legal, I was asked for ID, while people that would fit the gay stereotype walked in unobstructed. I don't know why this bothered me, but they didn't have a coat check or coat room. I was told i could put my coat anywhere, but that's plain unsafe. I would think a bar/club that's been around for 30 plus years could afford to make a room for coats... Back to the racist aspect. I sat on a speaker since I wasn't drinking and there was nowhere else to sit. I was told that I couldn't sit there and was asked to move, yet a few minutes later, 2 white men sat in the exact same spot and no one approached them or asked them to move. Typical for Philly and for gay clubs with white employees. My best advice is to go with a white friend or be as flamey as the gayborhood expects, so you can be treated with what the Woody's community feels is dignity. I would give 0 stars, but I actually liked the music played, and that was what I thought I would dislike the most.