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  • Brewer's Hotel Bar Strip District, Pittsburgh
  • Lucky's (Real Luck Cafe) Strip District, Pittsburgh
  • Cattivo Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh


  • EdgarDumb
    EdgarDumb reviewed Brewer's Hotel Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I love this bar!
    If you are a post-modernist novelist with a taste for filth, this is the place to spend all of your free time. It has, unfortunately, cleaned up its' act a bit over the past few years, but it still retains most of its' original raunchy flavor. This is the place where I once had my underwear removed with my jeans still on by a married man, made out in the women's bathroom with both Mr. Leather and a man who turned out to have false teeth, and have participated in a supermodel walk-off with a chubby guy wearing stilettos and a baseball uniform. The best time to go is either Friday or Sunday Happy Hour. And I recommend shots of "Rocket Fuel" along with your 1 dollar skunked draft. Sundays in the summertime are the afterparty for the bar's very own softball team, The Missfits. You will see a mix of hot daddy types who take the sport seriously, and toothless queens who look like they may not live through the night. It's a spectacle of skid row meets blue collar and everyone is drunkenly friendly. Easy to get laid here in the most memorable and sloppy of ways.

  • EdgarDumb
    EdgarDumb reviewed Lucky's (Real Luck Cafe) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Pittsburgh's Sleaze Mainstay
    Lucky's is a must-stop for anybody visiting Pgh and looking for a true anthropological taste of the city. It displays, in patrons and employees, the gritty, yinzofied nature of Pgh gay life. This is the haven for sad alcoholics and young party people alike. The best night to go is usually Sunday night. Because it attracts a crowd of people who love to hump, drink and do drugs, Sunday is like the last hoorah of the weekend. There is nothing glamorous here. This is the gay offspring of steelworkers, and they love to party HARD. If you wind up @ Club Hot afterwards, and then @ someone's hotel room to do drugs and mess around with a hustler, you've done it right. Picture John Waters' Baltimore to have an idea of the taste level. One time, on New Years Eve, I found myself there staring at water pouring from the ceiling and onto the cold cut "buffet" below. The owner was screaming and ran upstairs to find the women's room toilet had overflown. I swear to god: Nobody ever replaced that food and I saw several people eating it later on in the evening. Have Fun!

  • EdgarDumb
    EdgarDumb reviewed Cattivo Over a year ago
    Hates it

    huge spaces are hard to fill
    I went on a Saturday night and was first surprised by how large the space is. Think 'firehall' when it comes to ambience. An idea popped into my head while I was there: 'Pittsburgh's only rollerskating disco!' And if promoters with a sense of fun existed in this town, then that idea could be well on it's way. Even if it was just on Fridays or something. Awesome. I was disappointed, as a dude, to find that the crowd was mostly lesbian and old guys but dotted here and there I actually saw some unfamiliar and gorgeous faces. Who are these super-cute guys that hang out with lesbians? That mystery alone has me wanting to go back. Other than that significant bonus, the place seemed typical of Pgh. And when you have a huge space like this, it seems spookily empty when there are less than 100 people in attendance.